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    It hasn’t been changed since LFC 30, back in November. Could we please get an update? Here’s my personal power rankings as of this moment.

    10. Daisy Ducati (totally biased but I stand by it)

    9.  Sarah Brooke (on her way up)

    8. Jenevieve Hexxx (dominant in victory over DD, now 6-3)

    7. Salina De La Renta (Booty Camp Champ, 1-0 in LFC)

    6. Monica Garcia (would be higher, but last fight was last year)

    5. Jessie Santos (can beat anybody, anytime)

    4. Katie Forbes (loved her LFC 31 performance, despite “defeat”)

    3. Lauren Fogle (climbing ladder rapidly, amazing fighter)

    2. Danika Della Rouge (LFC Champ, lots to prove at 1-0)

    1. Jolene Hexx (European Champion, amazing performance at LFC 31)


    SHAFTED: Jenny Valentine for her poor performance, Teri London for lack of action, Shay Mazzato for losing streak.


    Your thoughts, your rankings, and reasoning if you will. Please update on site!

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    I think Salina should be above Katie, because she just beat her and Danika should be #1 because she’s champion. We’re working on the rankings now. For me, the unofficial list is:

    10. Jenny
    9. Roxy
    8. Katie
    7. Monica
    6. Bella
    5. Jessie
    4. Lauren
    3. Salina
    2. Jolene
    1. Danika

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    This will be my Top 10 :

    10. Tomiko Tajima

    9. Shay Mazzato

    8. Salina

    7. Natasha Rodriguez

    6. Lauren Fogle

    5. Jolene Hexx

    4. Jenevieve Hexxx

    3. Danika Della Rouge

    2. Daisy Ducati

    1. Crystal White

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    Crystal White is a seasoned and powerful wrestler. We’d love to see her go up against some of the heavy hitters like Lauren, Monica or Jessie.

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    There are you absolutly right , she looks like a real strong and powerful fighter , that is why , when I will be in the USA , she would be sure one of the fighters I would love to meet in the ring for a Lingerie Fight.

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    We’d love to have you compete for us. I will create a prospect profile for you to get started. Thanks Anastasia!

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