Joseline was kind enough to take some time out of her day to answer questions for fans. Please enjoy this exclusive interview. We now bring to you, 21Q with Joseline Navarro [0-0]:

What would it mean to you to fight in the LFC?

Joseline: It would mean a lot to me; it’s a new avenue to showcase my toughness and my heart. Nobody puts fear in my heart and this is the perfect way to show people that.

When and why did you start training?

Joseline: I started training four years ago. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, so I figured why not try something like this.

Any ranks, titles or accomplishments in competition?

Joseline: Yeah, I’ve won a lot over the years, but I’m more interested in future wins, not past ones.

What is your current training schedule like?

Joseline: I hit the gym 5 days a week and go to my specialized training 2/3 times a week as well.

What strengths do you bring to the league?

Joseline: Not only am I a great fighter, I feel like I’m entertaining as well. I can get people interested before the fight even happens.

Favorite grappling technique?

Joseline: Take-down!

Favorite striking technique?

Joseline: Back-fist!

Finishing move?

Joseline: I call it “Welcome to Jamrock.”

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Joseline: Your favorite food eating, ass kicking, Caribbean woman!

If you weren’t a fighter what would you be doing?

Joseline: That’s a good question, probably a doctor or something.

What is your most recent fashion-related purchase?

Joseline: Oooh, recently I bought a cute army fatigue romper because the booty was bootying in it.

What makes you laugh the most?

Joseline: Me! I’m a comedian on the low.

Do you have any heroes?

Joseline: My parents.

What is the meaning of life to you?

Joseline: You only live once so live and love to the fullest and live without regrets. You don’t want to be on your deathbed saying you wish you did more.

Favorite food?

Joseline: PIZZA!

Favorite band/music?

Joseline: Right now, I’m really feeling Moneybagg Yo and this local artist from Cleveland, Yung ET.

Favorite movie/tv show?

Joseline: Friday is my all-time favorite movie.

Favorite book?

Joseline: Honestly? I have this geography book, and it’s my favorite.

Favorite character?

Joseline: Me!

Favorite place to travel?

Joseline: Back to the Caribbean.

Favorite quote?

Joseline: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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