Vulcana was kind enough to take some time out of her day to answer questions for fans. Please enjoy this exclusive interview. We now bring to you, 21Q with Vulcana Lopez [0-0]:

What would it mean to you to fight in the LFC?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time – to represent as a masked Luchadora to prove that we are as sexy as we are strong! And also, that there are plenty of people who want to see a Luchadora in the ring!

When and why did you start training?

I started training because I met someone who had trained, and I felt like… I could do that!

What is your current training schedule like?

I train in the ring twice a week and at the gym four days a week.

Who do you want to fight most?

Salina! We’ve fought before but never like this!

What strengths do you bring to the league?

I have watched the matches, and I haven’t seen anyone apply the kinds of Lucha submissions I do. This is going to be an extreme advantage for me.

What weaknesses do you have to work on?

I’m coming to the game later than most of the girls. Studying tape is one thing but actually getting into the ring could be a whole different story.

Favorite grappling technique?

Lucha Style.

Favorite striking technique?


Finishing move?

Bow and Arrow.

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Vulcana has the heart of a volcano!

What are your biggest pet peeves?

People saying, “can I ask you a question?” and then waiting for me to respond before asking. OMG! Life is short, just ask the damn question!

Do you have any heroes?

Jushin Liger.

What is the meaning of life to you?

We’re not getting out of this alive. So, take that chance and do that thing. Try that food. Live!

Anything else you want to share with the LFC Nation?

As far as I know, I’m the first masked Luchadora in the LFC, so it’s really important for fans to show that they would like to see more of me… or else they might not see me again!

Favorite food?

Shrimp fajitas!

Favorite band/music?

I like 80’s music the best.

Favorite movie/tv show?

Triple X.

Favorite video game?

Far Cry 3.

Favorite book?

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Favorite place to travel?

The Caribbean.

Favorite activity?


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