Las Vegas, NV – February 7, 2021 – – Recently Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) saw a huge increase in its volume and share price thanks to attention we received Friday on Reddit and several prominent investment boards. I’m told some of the people responsible for the unprecedented activity with Game Stop and AMC are responsible for our increase. Of course with this attention has come inevitable misinformation being spread about the company and I’d like to clear things up.

It is true Covid-19 has presented challenges for LFC. After doing 4 events in 2019 we had hoped to do at least 6 last year but had to cancel all but one due to the closure of most venues large enough to host a LFC event. But we still managed to do a single event and it was the biggest event we’ve done so far, LFC30 [0-0] at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The event was held at the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip and was so well attended we’ve been booked to do it again this year. Our plan is to make The Rally an annual event.

2020 also saw us shoot two more seasons of our reality series and our third annual calendar. In honor of The Chip the theme this year was hot cars and bikes.

If Covid-19 presented challenges it also presented opportunities and we’ve seen our web-site traffic and sales climb steadily since the pandemic began.

It is also true that we are not current in our filings with the SEC. We have made it a priority to reduce the number of convertible lenders involved with LFC. Not long ago we had 6 funders. We have bought out all but one, most recently buying out EMA Financial for $175,000 in November. The single remaining funder is a fan of LFC and has pledged to trade our shares responsibly (that was not always the case with the others). I am hopeful we will be current again within the next three months and have made that a priority.

2021 is shaping up to be a very good year for LFC as audience restrictions are eased. We have already been approached by promoters to do events in Laughlin, NV during Bike Week, Philadelphia and New Orleans as well as a Super Bowl party in Los Angeles for the big game in 2022. Which reminds me, hopefully everyone enjoys today’s game (go Bucs!)

Recently we signed a deal with TV and film distributor Factory Film Studio who are confident they’ll be able to find a home for the LFC reality series on a higher tier platform or network than we’ve aired on previously. In the meantime Season 9 just debuted at and the first two seasons are airing on Viewer Prime.

We are currently working on our very own pay-per-view platform and hope to have it out in time for our first event of 2021. We are also in talks with several on-line ‘influencers’ interested in joining LFC and are looking at doing a celebrity fight at our Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event in August.

Finally to the Reddit user who posted that I was a ‘crackhead’ thank you very much for your concern but I assure you I am not nor have I ever been a drug user (I don’t even drink coffee). When I dreamed up Lingerie Fighting Championships I was fully lucid (as hard as that is for some people to believe!)

Shaun Donnelly