The primary difference between our show and a more traditional pro-wrestling event is our fights are designed to look more real and while they still contain pro-wrestling moves they are mixed with MMA moves. We use standard MMA rules with the exception that we don’t allow stand-up strikes to the face (these just didn’t look real enough for MMA fans so we passed a fictional rule banning it – our fighters are lingerie models after all so they can’t get their faces marked up!) The personas are also designed to be more real as our storylines take place within the framework of a reality series rather than in the cage or ring.

My goal with LFC is to give the audience as real an MMA experience as possible without ever compromising the performer’s safety.

In order to create your character I just need the following information:

1). Name you’d like to fight under. This should be a real sounding name with a nickname. About half our cast use their real names while the other half use stage names. You want to use the name you have the largest social media following under. Also note that our cast often get the opportunity to appear in films and cable TV shows like Broken Skull Challenge so you want to make sure producers can find you.

2). City you would like to represent.

3). Height and weight you would like announced.

4). Fighting style.

5). Date of birth. For booking your flights only – we don’t publish fighter ages.

6). City and airport you would like to fly in & out of.

7). Any second languages you speak (we air in several different countries and get media requests from them).

8). Photos we can use in our promotional materials. Preferably an assortment of sexy photos in lingerie and tough gym style photos. If you have any of yourself in MMA gloves or sexy fighting poses that aren’t in pro-wrestling costume that would be great for the line-up card. Over the course of time we’ll arrange lots of professional shoots for you and always make sure you receive all photos you’re featured in.

9). Photos of the lingerie you would like to fight in. Outfits should be sexy but still practical for fighting in. We recommend panties under panties and pasties under bra. Many of the girls use tape and/or hairspray to keep their lingerie in place. One of our performers is a Vegas showgirl and she often helps new girls with their outfits. Teri is very adept at looking like she’s wearing next to nothing when in reality she is wearing more than most of the audience!

10). Finally a short bio about your character.

We then have our coaches draft new characters when we have roles we need to fill for upcoming events.

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