Brooke Gilley [0-0], adept at Jiu-Jitsu and Russian Sambo, stands an intimidating 5’9″ and weighs an athletic 145 pounds. That alone, of course, is not enough to determine success in the cage, but Brooke knows how to use those attributes/advantages to her benefit, making the most of her fearsome upper-body strength. The Guillotine, her signature move and her nickname, is a vicious maneuver when done correctly. Brooke, although new to the league, is no stranger when it comes to locking it in.

Born and raised in Sturgis, South Dakota, and a graduate of Sundance High School in Sundance, Wyoming. She then lived in the mountains of Kalispell, Montana, where she was discovered by LFC scouts. She now calls Ogden, Utah her home, mainly to be closer to Vegas and training facilities to pursue her MMA career full-time. Brooke was never into being the typical girlie-girl. Her ambitions inclined more towards the rough and tumble side of growing up. A natural fit in the outdoors, Brooke gravitated towards fast cars, snowmobiling, and avoided “Barbie dolls and bitching” at all costs. Not one to shy away from combat, Brooke joined Zombie Fist, an all male fighting team in Wyoming, where she developed the base for her fight game. Comfortable with Jiu-Jitsu, Brooke is a natural grappler, making her a perfect fit for the LFC.

With ties to Sturgis, South Dakota, Gilley happily returned there to make her debut at LFC30 [0-0]. With aspirations of finding her niche in MMA and in the premier Female league that is the LFC, Brooke is undoubtedly on track to do just that. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

A.C.: How was it returning to Sturgis?

Brooke: It was awesome being in Sturgis for my debut LFC match.

A.C.: Did you have family and friends there?

Brooke: Yes, I had a lot of friends that were able to come out for it.

A.C.: What are you looking to accomplish in the LFC?

Brooke: I’m hoping to accomplish a sense of inner strength that can’t be broken. It’s difficult in this day and age for women to hold their inner strength, when we have society telling us what we should be. Some of us, myself included, don’t fit that mold, and I think the LFC enhances that in women.

A.C.: How were you received by the other fighters and coaches?

Brooke: I loved meeting all the girls, staff, and coaches. Everyone treats you like family, and they are so quick to give tips for training, wardrobe (thanks Feisty!), and pretty much any questions or concerns I had. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

A.C.: Do you envision a potential match-up with any of the fighters?

Brooke: I would love to match up with Allie Parks [0-0]. Her physique is similar to mine, and she is the type of opponent that would really make me push for my ‘A’ game.

A.C.:  That guillotine of yours is brutal, do you think future opponents will be on the lookout for it?

Brooke: I think other fighters will be on the lookout for my guillotine but that’s not the only move up my sleeve. I am definitely a huge fan of chokes, but don’t get comfortable thinking that’s all I bring ;)

A.C.:  What submission holds are up your sleeve to keep them guessing?

Brooke: I’m fairly comfortable in my ground game, but I will definitely always be refining it; my stand-up is going to get a lot of attention over the next month.

A.C.: Anything you want to tell the fans about yourself that they may not know?

Brooke: There’s a lot about me that fans don’t know yet; that happens being the new girl, LOL. I am always open to talking with people and learning more about them while sharing a little about me.

A.C.: Thank you, Brooke.

Thank you for reading, A.C. Mann