Tomiko Tajima [0-0], a wrestler by trade, is well-known as an LFC fighter. She came to the league from the Booty Camp and now carries a 1-3 record into the octagon. But don’t be fooled by the record, she has fought some of the toughest in the league. Tomiko fought against Jenny Valentine [0-0] at LFC30 [0-0], in a long awaited rematch. We caught up with her to get her take on a variety of things.

Blade: What began your fighting career?

Tomiko: My fighting career really began when I moved to LA. I have always been athletic, and then I also went into a bit of modeling and was noticed for my strong physique. I was asked to be coached and take part in pro wrestling. I have actually dabbled in MMA before, but it was LFC that made my career what it is today.

Blade: What is the background behind your nickname, ‘The temptress’?

Tomiko: This is actually a funny story. It all came because I am a bit of a flirt; I seem to tempt people with smiles.

Blade: A lot is made of your strength in the octagon. Would you say that this is natural or is it something that is worked on in the gym?

Tomiko: Yeah, due to my wrestling, I have always been strong for my size and, growing up, I was always a tomboy. If you look at my first fight and compare it to my last fight, you can tell that I have gained a good amount of muscle, and that’s all credit to my training.

Blade: Throughout your career, you have been very wrestling orientated, but are there any aspects you feel you may need to work on?

Tomiko: Yeah I would like to learn kickboxing as well as Jiu-Jitsu, to add to my arsenal, especially with the size of my opponents. I feel that it could really benefit my career. I will always be smaller than my opponent, so it would give me an edge. I’m just waiting for this pandemic to end first.

Blade: Lots of people talk about you for your great submissions, but do they come from creativity or Jiu-Jitsu practice?

Tomiko: Because I don’t do much wrestling training, I have lots of time to work on that area of my game, but I am usually very fortunate and sometimes even fall into holds by chance. But, I would say that it is all creativity based.

Blade: You made your first appearance with the LFC, fighting at LFC26 [0-0]. How was fighting at Booty Camp, and how did it develop your career training with coaches already on the LFC roster?

Tomiko: It’s actually a funny story. In Booty Camp, I was initially a replacement due to somebody pulling out, and I thought it was a one-off, but they were impressed by my stamina and decided to keep me on. I have ¬†great coaches, and we found my first opponent was not as tough as my current ones, so they clearly had confidence in my ability. They have been helpful with coaching so thank you to the LFC team for that.

Blade: All of your LFC losses have come via decision so far, is this something you think you need to work on and maybe try harder to put your opponents away?

Tomiko: I do currently have a losing streak, but the person I did manage to beat was at my weight, and the fight was more fair. Since then, I’ve kept fighting heavier people, so I am proud of myself for going 3 rounds with these bigger girls, and I’m proud of myself for showing grit and determination. Judges can go either way, and you never know with judges, so I can’t take it personally as long as I do my best. The judges in Sturgis were actually fans that won a competition, but I’m proud of how I fought and think that I had a really good fight.

Blade: What did you take away from your fight with Jenny Valentine at LFC30?

Tomiko: It was an intense fight. Jenny is no joke. Like myself, she is a very exciting and high energy fighter. It was a good one to watch, and I felt like it was one of the better fights for the fans. I figured it would be like I thought, and I knew she had energy and was pretty even with me, so I wasn’t surprised about the outcome and the fact that it was a close fight.

Blade: Are there any fighting disciplines you’re looking to take up?

Tomiko: I would love to fight Jiu-Jitsu. I know some great places that I have trained in briefly, but I’m in quite a poor location for it and, with my travel schedule, it’s quite hard to commit. I want to give it my all and become more well rounded, but it’s all about finding time. If I’m going to commit, I will have to give it 110%.

We would like to thank Tomiko for speaking with us just weeks after her highly awaited rematch with Valentine. Do you agree with the decision, or was Tomiko robbed. To be sure not to miss this fight go to to buy your VIP Pass.

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