Danika’s Message:

Danika Della Rouge [0-0] usually presents herself with bright/pink hair and an energetic smile. This gives the fans the impression that she is always happy and bubbly, but this was not always the case. Growing up; Danika was quiet, shy, and badly bullied. The amount of bullying caused her to change schools on more than one occasion. Most people would struggle under these circumstances and end up falling short of their dreams – due to the unfair treatment setting them back. However, Danika, in exemplary fashion, used this as motivation. She did not let the bullies get her down, and instead, used it as fuel to propel herself to success in the wrestling world. It has helped her push towards her goals and helps to send a message to the younger generation of fans: “Never back down,” under any circumstances.


Danika got her name from her step-sister who was named Daneka, who sadly, passed away over 20 years ago at a very young age. Danika’s wrestling draws inspiration from the unrealized life, giving fuel and purpose to her talents and abilities. Danika found the loss very hard to cope with, but proudly remembers Daneka as the vibrant person she was and imagines the life that could have been. Honoring Daneka and giving her relevance is a noble act and a reminder to others that those that have passed are still part of us in some form or other.

Danika’s Career So Far:

Danika has amassed a 14-5 record and hopes to extend it to 15-5 at LFC30 [0-0]. Her wrestling journey began in high school, where she was part of the amateur wrestling team. It is during this time that she developed her high-level grappling and love for competition. As her career has developed, she has undeniably flourished in giving fans a complete match by leaving it all in the cage/ring. The fact that she is so well-rounded makes her so hard to beat; and just when you think that you have her down, she keeps getting up and keeps moving forward. At just 5’1″, Danika is incredibly fast and uses her “sharpshooter” style to quickly gain a position of dominance – enabling her to effectively deliver an INCREDIBLE ground-and-pound game.

Danika’s LFC debut:

It is hard to comment on how Danika will perform under the LFC brand, as she has no experience with the company or against the competition. However, one thing is certain, she is not going out without a fight. Danika has become a fan favorite around the wrestling world due to her fast, sharpshooting style and motivation to excel. Some say that this is a result of her tough childhood, and some say it is just pure determination. Whatever it is that makes Danika so resilient, it sure is entertaining to watch! Danika’s debut is against Shay Mazzato [0-0]. Shay has had 5 fights against some of the best LFC fighters, but has managed just 1 win. Both girls have very similar styles and both use speed as their preferred method of working through a fight. This match; between two very good competitors, has the makings of WAR that will test each woman in this high-octane battle. This is one that you do NOT want to miss!

-Blade MMA