Lingerie Fighting Championships announced today that we have inked a deal with Johnny Cafarella who will oversee the creation of a brand new television series about the controversial MMA league. Cafarella is best known as the co-founder and producer of GLOW which saw a resurgence in popularity recently with the success of the GLOW series on Netflix.

“I’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with Johnny ever since I met him at one of our events at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas,” CEO Shaun Donnelly says. “He had come all the way from Minnesota to check us out and it was immediately apparent we had a lot in common.”

Plans to work together had to be put on hold when Cafarella accepted a consulting role with another high profile women’s wrestling series but the two kept in touch.

“I’ve always felt LFC was poised to become this generation’s GLOW,” Cafarella says. “The live events are pure campy entertainment and they have some really tremendous athletes and characters.”

GLOW, or Glorious Ladies of Wrestling, aired in the early ‘80’s and was viewed by more than 7 million people every week at the peak of its popularity.

Donnelly and Cafarella are currently working on the framework for the new series which is expected to start shooting in October. The series will star several LFC regulars like Jolene Hexx [0-0], Lauren Fogle [0-0] and Shay Mazzato [0-0]. There will also be several new characters introduced and a casting notice was recently posted at

“We will be looking for dynamic women who have the traits needed to be successful in our league,” Donnelly says, “including athleticism, beauty, charisma, strength and, above all else, a winning personality.”

Those chosen will receive a recurring role on the series, the opportunity to participate in events all over the world, paid training at the LFC gym in Las Vegas and a trip to a luxury resort in Mexico for taping.

“I’m really excited to help guide LFC to even greater heights,” Cafarella says. “LFC, like GLOW, is all about empowering strong women and giving them a platform to show what they’re capable of.”

In the meantime LFC returns to action at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 12th, 13th & 14th.