Sidelined from fighting because of health issues, from which she has since recovered, Holly Mei [0-0] found herself with an opportunity to fill in as the interim Prez. Holly willingly stepped into the role with professionalism and kept her composure, while others sought to disrupt her leadership. Her stewardship was needed during a very active period in LFC. Keeping order was not always the easiest thing – the league is full of volatile personalities that need very little provocation to cause mayhem. Even a well-respected coach like Leon Hater was not above losing his cool. Given the nature of the sport, this is bound to happen from time to time.

Mei’s tenure lasted through LFC30 [0-0], when she announced that she was stepping down as Prez and was resetting her LFC fight career. The Muay Thai specialist came into the league with plenty of promise, fighting and losing to the champion, Feather Hadden [0-0], in her first LFC fight at LFC19 [0-0]. The fights have not always gone in her favor, but Holly is talented, and the break from fighting may just be what she needs. However, the rosters are now filled with hungry newcomers, all striving for the elusive LFC championship belt. ‘The Lotus’ must prove that she is prepared to step into the cage once again and regain her position as a formidable contender.

One aspect of her time in charge is the burgeoning rivalry she now has with Jolene Hexx [0-0]. This comes as an outgrowth of a suspension that Hexx did not honor. Jolene, perhaps because she is the face of LFC, felt above taking discipline from a former teammate. There were heated exchanges and ultimately a challenge of settling it in the cage. Is Holly ready to face-off against Hexx, the reigning European Champion? Or should she work her way back up to battling against the elites? Only Holly knows the answer to this.

What is known, is that Holly acted in the best interest of the fighters and the LFC brand while serving as Prez. She showed ability, intelligence, and quick thinking to mitigate potential conflicts. Her character, forged from battling and defeating illness is what makes her a worrier. Some might argue that she should move on from interim to full-fledged Prez, but Holly makes her own decisions and stands by them. And it will be our honor to see her grace the MMA cage once again, but this time, as a competitor. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

A.C.: You stepped into the role as interim Prez with nothing but class and fit into the role quickly. Was it really that easy for you?

HM: Yes, it was. I have always had a knack for management so it came with ease.

A.C.: At times, it seemed like the drama in the ring was a way of testing your mettle. Did it feel like that to you?

HM: As Prez, I can’t help but jump in to try and stop or prevent more issues. Kind of always backfired, though.

A.C.: What was the hardest part of the job?

HM: The hardest part of my job was not giving favoritism to my Black Team. I wanted to be fair and equal among the girls regardless of what team they are on. Also, I need to learn to stay out of the ring when things go down. I need to have security ready to jump in, so I don’t need to!

A.C.: Are there any decisions you regret making?

HM: In regard to Prez decisions, no. But, overall, I miss fighting.

A.C.: People have gotten used to you as the boss and want you to continue leading. Is there any chance you stay on as Prez?

HM: I would love to. I want to help guide LFC into bigger and better opportunities that haven’t been achieved yet.

A.C.: It seems like forever since you have fought, do you still have the fire for that?

HM: Yes! Especially when I jump in the ring to stop a fight!

A.C.: Has the break from fighting helped or hindered your fight game?

HM: Not so much hindered…more so paused.

A.C.: Is there anything you want to say about the feud with Jolene Hexx?

HM: Any time and any place!

A.C.: Without naming names — unless you want to — are there any people who resented you because of your position of power?

HM: Not that I’m aware of. If there are any, they are welcome to make it known to my face!

A.C.: This is your chance to say something to your critics, if you wish.

HM: I don’t have anything to say to them…

A.C.: Of course, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

HM: Things are looking good. Things seem to be moving towards a better future for the LFC. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Holly.