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Having fought on nine straight cards, Bella Ink [0-0] is the perfect example of how a career blossoms from a humble beginning to something formidable and worthy of respect from fans, fighters, and coaches alike. This boxer — with heavy leanings toward MMA — is lovable but switches to a bad attitude once she steps into the ring. Her opponent at LFC35 [0-0]Veronika Valentine [0-0] — brings a mix of both talent and the unknown into this fight, ensuring that Bella will not let her guard down. Expect an intense Ink to show up on Halloween night in defense of her turf.

Valentine shares her last name with a LFC menace known for breaking the rules and for not knowing that sometimes “too-much” is really “too-much”. Veronika will do what it takes to win and earn the respect of fansΒ in a very competitive league. Valentine got her start pillow fighting in Detroit. After meeting another LFC fighter, Sybil Starr [0-0], her options began to multiply, eventually leading to the world of session wrestling — where she has a dedicated fan base that wants to see her do well in the league. Veronika is tall and lean giving her an advantage in the submission game, often using head-scissors to finish off the competition. Win or lose, the fans are the obvious winners here.