Katie Forbes [0-0] made her debut at LFC27 [0-0], stepping into the cage as an immediate fan favorite, monopolizing attention from both the media and the fans. People were busy taking pictures and fans clamored to get close to the ‘Kim Kardashian’ of the LFC. Katie blew kisses in all directions and took ownership of the ring. The fact that she was facing a battle tested opponent did not matter. That opponent, Sheila Cardinal [0-0], came ready to defend her honor and that of the LFC against the newcomer. Katie took a split-decision win, besting Sheila and setting ablaze talk of future opponents. Did her win merit a shot at the title? Possibly, yes. Some roads to a title are never congruous and this one may have a parade of support propelling ‘The Bombshell’ forward.

Speaking to A.J.Kirsch after the fight about going forward, Katie confidently said, “I am going to give it everything that I have; I have great coaches; I train every single day; I am going to continue training hard and come back even stronger next time.” So, yes, the #LFCNation will see her again.

Every sport inevitably looks at the future, to the next event or the next season. The NCAA Football Championship was just decided, but teams began work on the following season months ago with recruiting players, hiring new staff or new head coaches. The LFC is no different. Recruiting new talent is a big part of the winning formula.

The #2020Season is here and match-ups are in the works. Many excited fans cannot wait to see Forbes again and are wondering who she is going to face. I could not help but wonder about a Bombshell vs. Flowerbomb power match-up; the aftermath surely leaving a scorched cage. Monica Garcia [0-0], I am sure is more than willing to take on Forbes in a duel of beauty, pride, and sheer competitiveness. Who else offers a dream pairing for Katie? You, the fans, can weigh-in with your choices in the following poll.

Thanks for Reading, A.C. Mann

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