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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 21:54
Starring: , The Bud Light Girls fixgallery [0-0]

This episode leans heavy into the beginning of LFC25 [0-0]. Join the fighters, coaches, and staff as they make final preparations for the event. A few anxious rookies, two of whom go in the first fight, learn about the process from their teammates.

Our announcer, A.J. Kirsch, listens to Joel Kane and his elevator pitch about A.J.’s value to the company. A.J. enjoys Joel’s description of the difficulties Maxine Frost [0-0] had as the weigh-in host at the previous event, LFC24 [0-0]. Propelled by Joel, A.J. barges into Maxine’s dressing room and asks for a raise. Will The Prez’ comply?

Maxine’s pep talk to her former teammates on the Black Team does not have the desired effect of inspiring the women. Maxine refers to them as losers for their recent performances. This rebuke causes a couple of the women to point out the obvious hypocrisy in Maxine’s thinking: Her own fighting record is sub par. Leon Hater follows Maxine and, with 45 minutes to go before the start of LFC 25, tries his best to get his fighters into a good head space. Tasia Lockran [0-0], a nervous first timer, appreciates his effort.

Surprisingly, Joel Kane delivers a pep talk that is on point, hardly veering into the unconventional style that Joel usually settles on. However, the Pink Team members are as hard on him as usual. Serina Kyle [0-0], usually a supporter of Joel’s, actually complains about her coach.

The Bud Light girls make a brief appearance, as they file into the arena and then the cage. Maxine and The Nevada Lingerie Athletic Commissioner (NLAC), Angelique Gorgeous, round the show out by discussing the heated issue of strikes while in stand up. Does Maxine convince Gorgeous to change the rule?