Even the most casual of LFC fans has a dream match-up they want to see between the lingerie ladies of MMA. Imagine powerhouses such as Jessie Santos [0-0] and Monica Garcia [0-0], fighting to see who is the most dominant between them? How about an epic meeting of two fighters who retired as champions: Feather Hadden [0-0] vs. Andreea Vladoi [0-0]. The winner gets to fight the trash-talking, reigning European Champ Jolene Hexx [0-0], in a battle for ultimate supremacy. A scenario that features retired fighters is not practical by any means, but that can change if and when the LFC joins the world of video gaming, making the unimaginable a real reality at the click of a button. The LFC roster is teeming with talent and strong personalities that push the boundaries of what is acceptable in the cage—think of Agatha Carter [0-0] and her taste for flesh. A video game for these deserving warriors, showcasing the uniqueness of the LFC, is long overdue. The action, IRL, combines the best of MMA with the best of wrestling, resulting in memorable exchanges, takedowns, and knock outs. That blend of entertainment is made for gamers who like their combat to include kick-ass women who look beautiful in lingerie.

The impetus for this project comes from the guys at Urban Wrestling Network (UWN). They understand that the one-of-a-kind LFC product—offering MMA with a wicked twist—would stand alone in the very competitive world of gaming. There is nothing else to fill the niche that the LFC has created. UWN also believes that there is a healthy market for a game based on the amazing characters that the LFC has produced. Doubtlessly, the large fan-base engendered by the LFC will want to be a part of such an offering. UWN, also hard-core fans of the league, suggest starting off with an exhibition mode where anyone can fight and ultimately progressing to more advanced versions that feature downloadable content that players can use to customize the game and fighters (costumes, finishing holds, etc.) You could do unique things like clothing destruction if you attack specific spots repeatedly. Since XBOX one games come on 50GB Blu-ray, you could even include unlockable footage (like the reality TV series.) Working out the logistics and creating a functional model ultimately falls into the hands of game creators and developers.

Getting from point A to point B is not easy and will require the commitment of the LFC team to secure the funding and help bring this project to fruition. The good news is that the LFC decision-makers see the value of such an undertaking and are working on ways to make this possible. A Crowd fund is the obvious choice, but, for legal reasons, it may not be a viable option for the organization. The LFC is a publicly traded company, limiting funding options; however, the motivation is definitely there to take the idea as far as it will go, ensuring the LFC’s place in the virtual landscape and cornering the market.

As the LFC pushes to implement the best strategy going forward, they are reaching out to fans and followers for useful input and expertise they may have in the areas of gaming and funding ventures such as this one. Contact us with your ideas and or suggestions. In the words of UWN, “the LFC can corner the market easily.” It sounds very exciting!

Thanks for Reading,
A.C. Mann

Photo credit goes to Erazer