Lingerie Fighting Championships will be returning to Las Vegas in September for a special event. This will be a first for LFC as it will be shot on a special 3D experience platform. The exact date and line-up card is yet to be determined. We’re hoping to have an announcement within the next few weeks.

LFC31 [0-0] featured eight exciting fights including the main-event headlined by Salina [0-0] vs. Katie Forbes [0-0]. Salina took home the Booty Camp Champ title with a majority decision win over the LFC veteran.

LFC30 [0-0] attracted a huge crowd in Sturgis but that wasn’t the case with LFC31. Due to COVID restrictions in Nevada, the event did not allow live audiences. Instead it was streamed live on LFC’s very own pay-per-view platform. More than 1000 fans tuned in and witnessed several brand new fighters shock LFC veterans. Catch the replay right now at

The LFC is the only exclusively female MMA promotion that sees fighters grapple in sultry lingerie inside the cage. It’s dubbed “The World’s Hottest MMA League.” One glance and you’ll know why.

Be sure to check back soon for upcoming event news, roster additions, and partnership deals. We have plenty of surprises in store for 2021. You won’t want to miss out!