The latest rankings are out, and it is almost certain that controversy will follow. A sensible debate is something that the LFC have always encouraged. Fans of the brand are very loyal and protective of their favorite fighters and will vigorously defend them at all cost. The top-spot will surprise some because the fighter has only recently arrived on the scene. The rest of the list is indicative of the fallout from LFC30 [0-0]. Undoubtedly, the LFC landscape is forever altered because of this seminal event.

1. Danika Della Rouge [0-0]
The new champion grappled her way to the title at LFC30: Born To Be Wild. Danika, who started her wrestling career in high school, is without a doubt, an offensive fighter. Her tenacity impressed the fans and judges alike. Her conditioning allows her to employ non-stop action from bell to bell, utilizing an acrobatic flare that dazzled and confused her opponent. She rarely takes a break from the torrid pace that is set, forcing an opponent into difficult predicaments. Blinding speed, creativity and fearlessness is what makes her a dangerous opponent. How will she react to the pressure that the LFC title brings? Will she hang on to it longer than recent champions? These questions need answering and at LFC31: the stage is set, for her to defend what is rightfully hers, and prove all the haters wrong.

2. Jessie Santos [0-0]
Nabbing the second spot on the list is Jessie Santos, a veritable menace at this point. Jessie has stated that she is not looking for a title shot, not needing the validation that comes with possessing the belt. Her elite MMA status and lethal skill-sets means that shying from a title match will be unavoidable in the future. Jessie is not the same fighter that she was a couple of years ago – a powerful bruiser bullying her way through competition. Jessie still possesses a reckless violence and is as strong as ever, and she has rounded out her Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai prowess to very effective and lethal levels. Will Jessie take on the challenge of the belt at some point? We’ll just have to wait and see.

3. Jolene Hexx [0-0]
When discussing who is the best fighter in the LFC, Jolene is always in the conversation. Her dominant persona leads the way for her in the cage, intimidating opponents before the bell even rings and arrogantly mocking them after (watch her match against Allie Parks [0-0] at LFC 30: Born To Be wild for context.) After the match has started, it is her proficiency in Krav Maga, alongside her incessant trash-talking, that speaks for her. She is adept at stand-up and her kicking game is a painful reminder to fighters of what she is capable of. The European Champion does as she likes, in or out of the cage, much to the appeal with her fans.

4. Monica Garcia [0-0]
Monica, a former champion, remains a constant force in the league and is a looming threat to recapture the LFC title. Strength and sneaky quickness are two tools that the ‘Flowerbomb’ uses to break down her opponents. The speed she possesses is often something fighters are not expecting, because of her size and powerful physique. Monica is prepared and willing to go the distance, but she has proven that taking the submission is an option she is willing to mercilessly lock in. She was resolute in doing just that at LFC 30, against Nilka Garcia [0-0] by submitting her by armbar in the very last minutes of the final round.

5. Shay Mazzato [0-0]
Other than the greatest fighter in LFC history, Feather Hadden [0-0]; Shay has fought for the title more times than any other woman in the league. Shay has only won once in five title bouts, winning and holding the title for a mere 24 hours during a wild two nights of fighting. Her loss to Hadden at LFC22 [0-0], is her only LFC match that did not go the distance. The degree of difficult opponents that this smaller fighter has faced does not intimidate ‘The Fox.’ When she is in the cage, she is in there to compete and always gives a one-off performance for the LFC Nation.

6. Allie Parks [0-0]
The current Booty Camp Champ is a wrestling legend who always brings her ‘A’ game into the cage. This native of Dallas, Texas, started her career on the historic Fremont Street in Las Vegas, and she has never looked back. Allie is the epitome of patience in the cage, calmly waiting for an opponent to make a mistake – leaving the door open for a counter-move. When Parks fights, it is often for the title or a high-ranking opponent, making for an exciting battle in front of much appreciative fans.

7. Roxy Michaels [0-0]
A former champion who was stripped of her title because of her inability to defend, is number 7 on our list. Roxy is an elite performer, her strengths are based in wrestling, but she is capable of shifting into stand-up when needed. Her fight IQ is unmatched in the cage and her records shows for it. With heavy leg kicks and on-point punching power, Roxy has remained undefeated in the LFC. Going 4-0 in the league. Possessing an unnerving composure, Roxy has secured wins against some of the most feared competitors, leaving them wondering where they went wrong.

8. Katie Forbes [0-0]
With just one fight in the league, at LFC27 [0-0], ‘The Bombshell’ garnered tons of attention and set the fan base buzzing with talks of potential future match-ups. Based in wrestling, Katie has a variety of poses, moves, holds and tactics; dazzling all who are in attendance. Aesthetically, she is a presence that conjures up comparisons to shapely celebrities, making people forget that she is a fighter first and foremost. Opponents and fans are easily fooled into thinking that Katie is incapable of the violence that is needed to progress at this level, but they’d be very wrong indeed. Doling out a high degree of excitement and courting the limelight, Katie has her sights set on the top spot in the LFC.

9. Lauren Fogle [0-0]
Lauren’s dominant personality is comparable to her grand entrances, primal screams and for getting an opponent out of there quickly. At times, Lauren has struggled with consistency and has appeared to not have a mission other than to terrorize the competition and cause as much havoc as possible. Recently, that style has given way to a more calculating fighter who is patient enough to let the fight unfold on its own terms. At LFC30, she showed her creativity in submitting the tough Bella Ink [0-0] with a must-see finisher for the ages, a one-arm rear naked choke. If Lauren is able to let her talents develop and to not rush the moment with reckless disregard, her LFC stocks will undoubtedly increase.

10. Jenny Valentine [0-0]
Once banned from the league for illegal strikes and suspended another time for a violent kick to an opponent’s delicates, Jenny’s fight game is ever-improving. She started her LFC career with three straight losses but is currently on a three fight win streak. Early in her career, it was hard to judge whether her tremendous power could hold up in the later rounds. However, that power does hold up and she seems to be getting stronger as the fight progresses. Proof of that is her win at LFC30, where she finished strong against a very game opponent in Tomiko Tajima [0-0], winning by unanimous decision. If Valentine can play by the rules, and if she can harness her strength, there is a huge upshot for her in the LFC.