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Mark Your Calendars!


#LFC26: Booty Camp Fight Preview – Match 3

The arrival of the Booty Camp rookies signifies a very exciting time for the LFC; a reshuffle is in motion. All except for the main event feature a newcomer vs. a veteran, intriguing enough, but this match has the bonus of including Shelly DaSilva [0-0], a fighter who often resorts to tactics so dirty that a disqualification is in order. How will the first timer, Tomiko Tajima [0-0], fare against the formidable DaSilva? I sense that even their nicknames are going to clash before they square off. Is Tomiko concerned about any underhanded ploys from Dasilva? Maybe, but she confidently states, “I will keep a watchful eye and see if I can put a stop to it before it happens.” That might just be a good policy.

Tomiko has impressed the trainers at Booty Camp with her killer instinct and submission abilities. Matchmakers could not help but envision her in the ring against DaSilva; and that is just what has happened. She is here, at LFC26 [0-0], tasked with knocking off resident bad girl, DaSilva. At 5’4″, this wrestler is the same height as Shelly, but at 137 pounds, she will have at least a 20 pound weight advantage. I asked her what her best asset in the ring is, and she said, “I am stronger than I look, so the element of surprise and strength are probably going to be my best asset.” Tomiko, who is looking forward to fighting Shelly, is ready to settle into her LFC membership, “I was absolutely thrilled! I am super excited about being part of the team, and I am looking forward to training and working with the girls as well as performing in front of a live audience. I am striving to be the best for the team.” She already knows two of the league’s best fighters, Allie Parks [0-0] and Jolene Hexx [0-0].

Shelly has made an art form out of being bad, difficult, and downright nasty. It is easy to guess that Shelly only adheres to her own rules and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone who disagrees with that philosophy. There is not enough space in this preview to list her misdeeds, so I will concentrate on only the positive: Shelly will never give up. That is an admirable quality that counters her shenanigans. Aside from a disqualification against [Audrey Monique} for biting her eye, Shelly’s other fights, full of nonstop action, went to the scorecards. She is comfortable grinding it out and capable of going the distance.

I try to stay away from making predictions; there are just not enough sure bets to make it a worthwhile habit. However, this matchup, because of new and old reputations, already hints at unfinished business. One battle, regardless of result, surely is not enough to clear the air or to settle the unavoidable hostility. I hope I am right, for the sake of the fans and those who brilliantly conceived of this pairing.