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Mark Your Calendars!


#LFC26: Booty Camp Fight Preview – Match 2

Teri London [0-0] is in the unenviable position of facing a new fighter, Jenn Repp [0-0], that is coming into the cage with plenty of momentum. London is a steady performer in the cage and on the way to the cage, via her showy entrances. All three of her wins have come in the first round, and her two losses have ended by submission; going the distance is just not part of her game, yet. Her last win (at LFC25 [0-0]), came against a powerful fighter who is always dominate in the cage, Jenny Valentine [0-0]. The pace was quick, the blows unreserved, and the finish was memorable: a full body cradle hold that made Valentine succumb by submission.

Former cage official, Jenn Repp, used to locking fighters in the cage, will now be on the inside, as the door gets bolted behind her, and the pressure of the spotlight is now cast on her. Repp was fast-tracked on to the black team after she came to the rescue of Monica Garcia [0-0] at LFC25 [0-0], when an unruly fan groped the former champion on her way into the cage. Taking a close look at her resume reveals a fearless woman of varied skills. The struggles she has met have given her life-story a purpose. Currently, she is bikini bodybuilder in excellent shape. A base for the challenges of the LFC is set. In addition to her work within the movie industry, on both sides of the camera, and you have someone able to transition from one aspect of a job to another. Will that agility translate to the sport of MMA? We’ll have to wait and see.

London cannot afford to make a misstep, and she cannot come into the cage underestimating the rookie. However, I don’t expect she will overlook Repp. The newcomer, well, let’s wait and see if she can traverse the new career path she is on. If you look closely, at the end of London’s last fight, Repp, standing outside of the cage, is looking right at Teri with a predatory stare, as if wanting in on the action. Jenn said to Mike Larkin, of the Steve and Mike Show, “if not me, who? If not now, when?” Suddenly, seemingly fated, SHE is here NOW, at LFC 26, ready to prove that she belongs.