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Mark Your Calendars!


#LFC26: Booty Camp Fight Preview – Main Event

In a match between a former champion and a fighter who comports herself like a champion, we have Monica Garcia [0-0] vs. Allie Parks [0-0]. Both fighters are coming off tough losses and find themselves in need of a win.

Garcia lost her title by split decision to Roxy Michaels [0-0] at LFC25 [0-0], in a match that saw Garcia give a tireless effort in vain. A methodical Michaels started slowly but built up her aggression as the fight wore on. Michaels weathered the sheer power of Garcia and managed to fight offensively for a smaller opponent. Will this disappointing loss affect Garcia going forward, specifically against a fearless veteran like Parks? My guess is, no. She is much too confident and experienced to let the loss of a title take away from her talents.

At LFC 25, Parks found herself locked in a battle of attrition against the always game Shelly DaSilva [0-0]. There was no separation between these two wrestlers, even when Parks was fouled by an obvious eye gouge. That action led to DaSilva capitalizing when Parks stepped away to complain to the referee. DaSilva rode out the second half of the round on Parks’s back, and thus secured a victory in what had been a close fight.

Parks made her wrestling debut on Fremont Street and returning there for LFC 26, she says, “Fremont Street is always fun! I’m so excited to be back and come full circle with my fighting career!” Allie is very pumped for her match against a former champion and says, “fighting Monica is just going to prove that I should be champion when I beat her on April 4th at The NERD.”

In spite of a current three match losing streak; Parks won by submission over what many consider the strongest fighter in the LFC, Jesse Santos [0-0]. It is this win that holds the key to her next fight. She is very comfortable fighting at close quarters throughout the match, biding her time, looking for that opening. However, it is improbable that Monica will sacrifice her chances by becoming an easy target. No, she most likely will not do that. What she will do is charge forward from the opening in an exciting, natural display of ferocity. Fans, get ready for an action packed fight that is sure to go down in the history books!