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LFC28 [0-0] and LFC29 [0-0] is Streaming Live to VIP Members. Subscribe Now

It feels necessary to apologize for using such a cliche, but, for fans of the LFC, it is going to feel like Christmas in July. A pair of events, scheduled to go off on the 4th and 5th, make it two days of celebrating America’s Independence. Both nights, stacked with five fights each, feature lineups replete with cagey veterans and ambitious newcomers. LFC28 [0-0] will be at the Seamless Adult Ultra Lounge. LFC29 [0-0] returns to The Neonopolis. Join LFC Nation for twice the fun, twice the beat downs, and twice the excitement.

LFC28 [0-0]

Golden vs. Lockran: Loyal Training Partners

Breaking! Tasia has been pulled from the card due to unforeseen circumstances. Gypsie Bae [0-0] will be stepping in to fight Lockran on short notice.

The opening volley of LFC28 [0-0] is also the opening act of LFC29 [0-0]. Yes, the same match-up between a rookie, Shay Golden [0-0] and an undefeated fighter, Tasia Lockran [0-0], takes place both nights. Shay comes to the cage a blank slate, leaving us perplexed and wondering if a mystery fighter can pull off a surprise/upset. Aside from being listed at 5’7″ and weighing 140 pounds, not much is known of her fighting style or proclivities.

Tasia, a self-professed circus freak at 5’0″ and 130 pounds, looks primed to assault the unsuspecting, and in this case, the uninitiated. She charged out of the gate at LFC25 [0-0] and left her opponent, Agatha Carter [0-0], unconscious in the middle of the cage. About that fight, she said, ” It makes me so proud to watch the fight and to show off to others with it. And now I want more.” Her conditioning has been on point and includes some interesting training partners. “I have been taking my dogs out nightly to a park with exercise equipment,” she told me. Tasia is looking to become an enduring part of the LFC and is intent on refining her game to the highest level. When asked if she added anything to her Brawling style, she answered, “yes, techniques, power and experience.” Lockran is ready to make things not only interesting but difficult for her opponents.

Carter vs. Ink: 24-Hour Buffet

In the second slot for both the July 4th and 5th cards are two residents of Las Vegas, the aforementioned Agatha Carter [0-0], facing off against a rising star in the LFC, Bella Ink [0-0]. Carter came into the league with a fearsome reputation of actually indulging in the unthinkable: cannibalism. Asked if she is still ready to take a bite out of an opponent, she said, “I can’t think of a time I wouldn’t be ready.” Carter is a predator who is long and lean and willing to mix it up in the cage. She is training intensely for this fight. When asked if she is anxious to get into the ring after a tough loss, she said, “Does a bear shit in the woods. Fuck Yes!” Agatha will have two chances in a 24-hour period to make a meal out of Ink. Asked about fighting Bella twice in two nights, Agatha said, “she better be prepared to die twice.”

Bella Ink might be one of the current “It Girls” of the LFC. Her first time out she was brash and showed grit in losing to the European Champion, Jolene Hexx [0-0]. Her second time out saw her take on an experienced fighter in Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0]. Ink submitted the veteran with ease, winning a ton of fans in the process and fast tracking herself to LFC relevancy. I wonder how much enmity is going to build when fighters have to meet twice in close quarters. These double matches feel like an experiment almost, to see the build up of animosity. And to see how much damage can come from it, having to do it all over again.

Starr vs. Tajima: Signature Moves

The third fight of the night, Sybil Starr [0-0] from Michigan takes on Tomiko Tajima [0-0] from Las Vegas. The Michigander has an extensive and experienced background in combat sports. She began her training under the watchful eye of Dan “The Beast” Severn at the Michigan Sports Camp. Her “catch as catch can” style is aggressively bolstered by Wrestling, Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, and other violent forms of combat. When asked what she thinks of Tomiko, Sybil graciously said, “Tomiko is a great and fierce competitor! Can’t wait to face her.” In spite of having fought around the world, Starr is fulfilling what she calls “the ultimate fight fantasy” by jointing the LFC and says that she “is super excited to join the league.” Welcome aboard Sybil.

Across the cage from Starr will be the always ready Tomiko. LFC fans are finding a lot to like about Tomiko: She shows up to fight and fights hard. Discussing her two losses, Tomiko is analytical almost to a fault. Of her loss to Jenny Valentine [0-0] at {LFC27], she says, “I gave it all I had, but I just didn’t have enough moves to get the judges to put me in their favor. I am feeling a bit defeated, but like the saying goes: A winner never quits, and that is me.” Tomiko has been close to a win twice and is knocking hard on the proverbial entrance to victory. This Wrestler, already very strong, is upping her endurance training and adding wrinkles to her game. How does she feel about Starr? Tomiko, always discerning, says, “Sybil Starr is highly skilled in pro wrestling, so I know I have my work cut out for me. I will have to be on the lookout for whatever tricks or signature moves she tries to pull out. I don’t take any of my competitors lightly. I am going to try to prepare this week so that I am ready to show her I have my own set of surprise signature moves. I am looking forward to fighting her.” This is definitely a match to watch.

Fogle vs. Santos: Caged Animals

The co-main event of the night is an unexpected coupling of two LFC stars. Lauren Fogle [0-0], fresh off a win at LFC27 [0-0], when she submitted Jesabella Marie [0-0], will make one of her memorable entrances into the ring to face Jessie Santos [0-0]. Lauren gets the job done against opponents she should easily defeat, but has struggled when facing elite caliber fighters. This July 4th will offer her the opportunity to erase that reputation. Her Brawling style of fighting will run straight into the bullying style of Santos. What that epic collision entails for Lauren may not bode well, based on her record vs. the best in the league. In Fogle’s defense, her injured knee is now healed, and her leg game has improved. Her work ethic is never an issue. However, is Lauren’s psyche healed from her tough losses? We shall see when it is ‘The Animal’ squaring off with ‘El Toro’ on the 4th.

Jessie Santos [0-0], who consistently trains five days a week, is on a very short list of the most powerful women in the LFC. Her strength is scary at times, especially when it seems she is not in control in the heat of battle. She will not relent against a smaller fighter, taking matters into a realm of violence that is cringe worthy. Her fight at LFC25 [0-0] against Shay Mazzato [0-0] (who is in the main event) was just that type of fight. This time around, she faces someone with a bit more size and strength. When asked if cage-rust might be an issue, Jessie said she felt she fought at the first Nerd show. There was a wild skirmish in the aftermath of a fight that included her opponent at the upcoming LFC29 [0-0], when Jessie served as a coach to the Pink Team. As far as coaching again, she says, “I always enjoy my time doing anything, but being a coach only one time made no sense to me because the coach is someone who invests time in their Fighters and I wasn’t able to.” ‘El Toro’s’ mindset is all about fighting, bruising and bullying an opponent. It will not take much for this match to devolve into a punishing battle. Fans can rejoice in that.

Mazzato vs. Garcia: Reunited

The main event reunites two fighters who fought for the title at LFC23 [0-0]. Shay Mazzato [0-0] can avenge a tough loss when she enters the cage against Monica Garcia [0-0]. The same weight disadvantage that Shay experienced then, is still in play today. Mazzato fought a valiant fight, testing her will/fortitude throughout the three rounds vs. Monica’s power game, but succumbed to a unanimous decision that belted Garcia with the title. Mazzato is still fast and seemingly undaunted by a bad run in the LFC. Will she rise above her misfortunes and gain some redemption? Yes, if she is smart like a fox and can use all that she learned that first time grappling with Garcia and pivot it to her advantage.

Monica looked a little off her game at LFC26 [0-0], when she lost to Allie Parker [0-0] in a fight for the Booty Camp Title. At LFC27 [0-0], she found herself matched against the very dangerous and usually successful European Champion Jolene Hexx [0-0]. There, Monica rebounded and showed the fans that the spirit of a champion is still part of her DNA. Regardless of the win coming via a disqualification, Monica was ahead on all the scorecards and in tight command of the fight. With momentum on her side once again, Monica needs to pounce on her old adversary to keep pace with all the talent flooding into the league.

LFC29 [0-0]

Starr vs. Giuliana: Mid-West vs. East Coast

The third act of the night brings us Sybil Starr [0-0] from Michigan against Gemma Giuliana [0-0] from New Jersey. Sybil, also fighting on consecutive nights, does not have a problem with that. When she says, “I am used to fighting,” believe it. This wrestler, with skills that transcend that style, actually runs her own gym in her native state. One can imagine Sybil honing her game from morning till night, determined to get the most out of herself.

Opposing Starr, standing at the ready, is Jersey Girl Gemma Giuliana [0-0]. A fellow wrestler, confident in her abilities, Gemma, also excited about joining the LFC, wants to secure some LFC cred. She has spent a few years on the professional wrestling circuit on the East Coast, pushing herself to succeed. Her training for her debut is going well, and she is intent on spreading/exhibiting some of her Jersey style on Fremont street. Las Vegas welcomes you.

Tajima vs. Santos: Short Fuse

The co-main event of the night casts Tomiko Tajima [0-0] against Jessie Santos [0-0]. In case Tomiko finds herself exhausted on her second straight night of fighting, I am sure she can find inspiration from her fans. Of them, she says, “after my first fight, I had some guys walk up and tell me that they were my newest fans. At the second fight, I actually had fans walking up telling me that I had a great fight. It means a lot to have fans. It makes me feel good and it motivates me to have a good fight.” Now, she faces a certified bone crusher in Santos, and her take on the fight is straight forward: “I am concerned about my fight against Santos [0-0]. She is highly skilled and has training in MMA. With no real training in MMA, I am not sure what my chances will be to beat her. I am going to have to pull out as much as I can for that match and hope to hold my own.” I asked her about her state of mind in facing two tough, experienced foes who will not hesitate to go full throttle, and she offered, “I am up for the challenge. Two completely different style of fighters will keep me on my toes. I am going to definitely carb up, so I have some energy for sure! I am feeling pumped and looking forward to doing the back-to-back fights.” Her fans, doubtlessly, are also anticipating that.

The bone crusher mentioned above, Santos, is herself pulling double duty at the two LFC events. Her training, as disciplined and authentic as possible, will have her functioning at optimal levels. Jessie, not reluctant in exploiting a size difference, is a very dangerous fighter from top to bottom. Her mood for the Tajima affair will have a lot to do with what Lauren Fogle [0-0] does against her at LFC28 [0-0]. If Fogle is victorious, or if she taxes Santos, I expect Jessie to come into this fight looking to take it out on whomever is in front of her. That is not to say she will go easy on Tomiko if things go well against Lauren, but she will not have extra incentive to do harm. As level-headed as Tomiko is, she will not back down from the challenge hulking before her, igniting the mayhem rather quickly with a receptive Santos willing to accommodate her. Watch to see how fast the explosions on this one take to get started.

Mazzato vs. Vladoi: Closing Act

The main event of the night showcases Shay Mazzato [0-0] and Andreea Vladoi [0-0]. Mazzato finds herself tasked, not just with fights on consecutive nights, but against opposition that ranks consistently in the LFC top five. Mazzato is a fan favorite, and even with a difficult start in the LFC, she has not lost any of her competitive spirit. Shay has twice fought for the title and enthusiastically introduced the former champion, Feather Hadden [0-0], to a life of retirement. What lends this fight an air of excitement, is the fact that Mazzato is fighting someone her own size. Shay has entered the ring to both weight and height disadvantages. This fight, loaded with quickness and tenacity, will bring out the best of both fighters.

Vladoi, herself no stranger to the shine of the main event, feels great about returning to that role. Her reputation as an indomitable force is intact. She has added more cardio to her training, especially since returning from her vacation to her homeland of Romania and “can’t wait” for this fight. Andreea, ever the competitor, says, “Fighting Shay will be a great match; she is a very skilled girl and I’ve wanted to fight her for some time now; so, it finally happens. I’m sure it will be a very good match not just to watch but for everyone to learn from as well, including myself and Shay. I look forward to it.” What more can fans ask of the closing act.


LFC28 [0-0] and LFC29 [0-0] is Streaming Live to VIP Members. Subscribe Now