Fogle vs. Bae: Disappearing Act

At both LFC28 [0-0] and LFC29 [0-0], Shay Golden [0-0] was not available to even show up at the venues and offered no reason for her absence. Before the fight community pillories Shay, let’s give her a chance to explain and redeem herself someday down the line. However, that type of forgiveness may not come from Gypsy Bae [0-0], who on consecutive nights had to face an experienced fighter. The first night, she was introduced to Jolene Hexx [0-0], and on this night, she met one with a slight attitude from having lost at the previous event by submission to Jessie Santos [0-0]. Lauren Fogle [0-0], who makes easy and quick work of rookies, did just that. A sound submission at the hands of ‘The Animal’ left Bae rethinking her decision to join the LFC. I think ‘Top Shelf’ actually benefits from the level of opposition and comes out better for it.

Carter vs. Ink Part Two: Defanged

Agatha Carter [0-0] submitted Bella Ink [0-0] the night before, getting her first win amid a controversial move/bite that only a cannibal or a fan with a taste for the grotesque would condone. Carter looked much improved at LFC28 [0-0], but based on the talent Ink displayed in her previous fights, part two had a definite chance of going in Bella’s favor; and that is exactly what happened. Carter tapped in round two, when Ink locked in an armbar which showed little mercy for her apparently satiated opponent. Fans of the LFC want to see a third installment to give closure to this exciting series.

Starr vs. Giuliana: Starr Power

With no time to feel sorry for herself, after a tough decision loss to Tomiko Tajima [0-0], Sybil Starr [0-0] did what a fighter knows to do, she fights on. This night, Starr drew Gemma Giuliana [0-0] from New Jersey. These two wrestlers squared off and kept at it, but it was obvious that Starr was emerging the most dominant of the two as the battle wore on. When a fighter has enough time to play to the crowd, demonstrating her confidence during a bout, it is a really painful blow to the one on the receiving end. We should not close the book on Giuliana. This was her LFC debut, and fans know that poor starts do not doom a fighter to irrelevance. A unanimous decision for Starr gets this well-rounded fighter going in the LFC.

Tajima vs. Santos: Weighty Issues

The co-main event brings back two fighters from separate matches the night before. Tomiko Tajima [0-0], fresh off a split decision win against Sybil Starr [0-0], faced Jessie Santos [0-0], herself a winner against the combative Lauren Fogle [0-0]. Tomiko did her best against the larger Santos, but fell by unanimous decision to a fighter who has become an unstoppable force. During the post match interview, Santos lobbied for the LFC to create weight classes, feeling the need to fight someone her own size. The league officials are always looking forward, and one day might add the type of parity Santos spoke of.

Vladoi vs. Mazzato: Storm Clouds

In what is a quick turnaround for a newly crowned champion, Shay Mazzato [0-0] rushes to defend her title against Andreea Vladoi [0-0], as storm clouds have gathered to potentially ruin her recent coronation.

The fighters looked perfectly matched physically as round one started. We see them trading slams and punches early on, feeling each other out. A critical moment came when Mazzato, looking for space through the ropes, gave her back up to Vladoi. This one misstep changed the course of the fight instantly. Andreea capitalizes on mistakes, pouncing on weakness as fast as most, wresting momentum away from an opponent. Vladoi ended the round in control, visualizing what lay before her, taking the round handily.

Round two enabled Vladoi to step on the gas and on Mazzato some more. An impressive lift and carry, followed by a slam, highlighted Andreea’s offense. More slams were to come, giving her the opportunity to show the new champion who of the two is stronger. The round to Vladoi.

Round three brought a drop off in intensity from Vladoi; the long layoff caught up to her at this point. Mazzato, in spite of fighting 24-hours earlier, appeared to still have some energy left. An ankle lock past the half-way point permitted Vladoi to rest while retaining control of the match. In the end, Vladoi had racked up too much offense against Mazzato’s ingenious defense.

A new day and a new champion in the LFC. Andrea graciously thanked the crowd, saying, “I want to thank everyone here, even if you don’t know us; you took a little bit of your time to stop by, and we appreciate that, especially me, the new champ.”