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An Exclusive Fight Preview by A.C. Mann.

Will Teri London [0-0] and Jenn Repp [0-0] finally make it past the opening bell? These two were slated to go at it at LFC26 [0-0], but an injured London was unable to fight.

It was obvious that something was wrong with London when she did not enter the arena with her usual flair. Instead, she limped into the cage with a brace on her right knee.

A disqualification was mercifully handed out to Teri; protecting a hurt fighter is paramount. A healthy Teri is a capable and exciting fighter, with notable wins over LFC stars: Lauren Fogle [0-0] and Jenny Valentine [0-0], both submitting to her will. If on fight night, Teri dazzles the fans with her entrance, it can only mean she is recovered and ready to let her fists do the talking, once again.

Repp’s only win comes without her throwing a punch. As impressive as she looks in the cage, we just don’t know what type of performer she is. Will she deliver the goods or will the rumor surrounding her win lead to more controversy? Reminiscent of the attack on Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympic skating trials in 1994. This piece of sports history parallels London’s inability to fight at LFC 26. The suspected culprit? None other than ‘The Real Deal’. LFC 30 keeps getting more interesting. Fans: brace for impact in the exciting re-match between two of the LFC’s biggest stars.