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An Exclusive Fight Preview by A.C. Mann.

Catching everyone by surprise was the unexpected retirement of LFC Champ Andreea Vladoi [0-0]. This leaves a void in the LFC on two fronts. Firstly, the tireless Vladoi, who fought with grit and creativity, will deprive the fans of her fighting spirit. Second, with her exit, the league loses its champion setting a title fight for the vacant LFC Belt. For her, reaching the pinnacle of the LFC was the realization of a goal/dream, and that was enough. All the best to Andreea.

Not needing much prodding, two fighters gladly took the challenge of fighting for the vacant title. LFC veteran, Shay Mazzato [0-0] will cross paths with a rising newcomer, Danika Della Rouge (14-5), in the Main-Event.

Mazzato, whose talent and willingness to lay it all on the line, has fought for the title four times. Winning the coveted LFC Belt one of those times, before losing it to Vladoi at LFC29 [0-0].

This West Coast Wrestler from Anaheim, CA, is fast and able to absorb punishment from the best of them. Like her nickname, ‘The Fox’, she is cagey and maneuvers in and out of trouble with ease. However, her primarily defensive strategy has caused her offense to lag at times. Here, she will face an opponent who is shorter than her own 5’2″ frame, but who outweighs her by nearly 15 pounds. Shay, forever entrenched in the history of the LFC title holders, will need to execute a perfect game in order to capture the title once again.

With two exciting finishing moves, ‘The Moonsault” and the ‘Tornado DDT’, Danika brings an air of brashness and excitement into the league.

This wrestler from Seattle, Washington, has that must-see quality about her. ‘Dani’s’ career kicked-off just a little over two years ago, and she has not looked back, making the struggle/battle look easy. Success in the LFC is custom-made for her.

With so much ability at her disposal, ‘Danika’ finds herself headlining an event as prestigious as LFC 30. The whole card is loaded with athleticism, flair, and elements of drama, and capping the night off are two worthy competitors. LFC fans will have a new champion on August 11.