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An Exclusive Fight Preview by A.C. Mann.

The Semi-Main Event is an epic clash between two proud champions. Allie Parks [0-0], the Booty Camp Champ, takes on Jolene Hexx [0-0], the European Champ and fan favorite. Incidentally, Parks is retiring after this bout, but will do her best to make it a memorable exit.

Allie defeated Monica Garcia [0-0] in a very close thriller at LFC26 [0-0] to take the first ever Booty Camp title. Following that win, she decided to take a hiatus and fill in as a coach for the Pink Team at three straight LFC events. Augmenting an already impressive resume.

I think this added experience will help Parks to round out her fight game. She was on the front line of victories, now she’s preparing her fighters to perform at their best. Interestingly enough, one fighter she was not able to help was Jolene, former teammate and the next obstacle in her path to absolute domination.

‘The Valkyrie’ is an LFC darling who is unafraid to voice her opinions. Her trash talking is incomparable and her ring dominance is something she uses to her advantage.

However, her fight against Monica Garcia [0-0] at LFC27 [0-0] exposed the usually cool combatant as someone who is not above imploding and losing control in the ring. Frustrated by a grind-it-out fight, Jolene took her anger out on Andreea Vladoi [0-0] (filling in as coach of the black team) and the interim Prez, Holly Mei [0-0]. The drama that followed led to her disqualification and to a suspension she unabashedly disregarded at LFC28 [0-0].

This fight should go down in the LFC lore. Two current champions, who are accustomed to getting their way, will now face off. Both know exactly what is required of them, and both are willing to do the work in order to break the opponent’s will. The question is, which fighter’s style will prevail? Will it be the composed wrestler or the street violence of Krav Maga? This isn’t one to miss, as it goes down in history, in a battle of Belted Beauties.