There was great deal of energy and buildup for LFC31 [0-0], showcasing a league headed in a new direction, and trailblazing a new path along the way. More than 1000 fans tuned in last night and witnessed several brand new fighters shock LFC veterans. You can catch the PPV replay right now at

The evening started out with A.J. Kirsch presiding over the official weigh-ins. The tension was high and the animosity was real. A.J. needed to position himself between most of the fighters – not a bad place to be – when they started to push each other around in an attempt to set a tone of dominance. The weigh-ins ended and the the first bell is on its way.

Monique vs. Ink: A Rude Return

The opening bout saw the return of Audrey Monique [0-0] after a four-year absence. The victim of a brutal eye injury at the hands of Shelly DaSilva [0-0] at LFC22 [0-0]. Monique entered the ring with a scowl on her face, the memory of that attack may have scarred her psychologically. Answering Audrey’s unpleasantness was a very fit Bella Ink [0-0], a rising force in the LFC with a bad attitude of her own. Audrey came to fight, there was no doubt about that, but Bella started fast and let the punches fly early. The fight quickly ended up outside the ring, until it was reset back on the mat. The pace of the second round gave viewers the feel that a submission was looming. Audrey came close to upsetting a “malfunctioning wardrobe” Ink with a rear-naked-choke. However, Ink quickly reversed the momentum applied a scissor-squeeze that ended the fight. Of course, ‘The Mongoose’ was not going to leave without attacking her former coach Leon Hater, setting an exciting tone for the rest of the night.

Vonstarr vs. Guliana: A Valid Case

Matched against Gemma Guliana [0-0], Vita Vonstarr [0-0] walked into the ring with genuine swagger, looking as though she wanted to hurt someone. To her credit, Gemma appeared better prepared than she did in her debut against Sybil Starr [0-0] at LFC29 [0-0]. ‘The Jersey Babe’ was surprisingly aggressive and took the fight to her opponent, but Vonstarr was slowly establishing the rhythm in her favor. Vita really showed off her acrobatic skills, using it to gain an edge over Gemma. She had control of the fight at the end of round 2, but Guliana came back for one last charge, nearly submitting Vita with a tense armbar in the final round. After they traded ankle locks, Vonstarr applied a triangle-choke that Gemma just barely escaped. In the end, a split decision win for the newcomer, Vonstarr. Gemma fans have a valid case to dispute a decision that could of gone either way.

Fogle vs. Brooke: Missed Call?

Lauren Fogle [0-0] gave the fans what they have come to expect from her: a highly charged entrance. We then waited to see how her opponent, Sarah Brooke [0-0], would enter the arena. There was an unmistakable level of calmness to Sarah; she did not look as though this was her LFC debut. Lauren, as usual, came out aggressive and tried to bully Brooke into making a mistake. Lauren applied a rear naked choke and slammed her foe several times, but Brooke was fearless and locked in some dangerous holds of her own. Exciting first round. The next round delivered the same level of drama. Lauren, looking a bit confused by Sarah’s determination, found herself in a match-ending triangle-choke. Now comes the controversy: Brooke claims that she released the hold because ‘The Animal’ tapped. Did the referee miss it? To the dismay of Sarah, the fight was reset. Lauren, needing to get the now dangerous Sarah out of there quickly, applies a very painful looking hold, stretching Brooke over her knees to get the submission via what can only described like a back-crank. An experienced Fogle is getting good at submitting her rivals with creative maneuvers, but did she benefit from a missed call? A rematch is warranted. Props to the ‘The Beast’ for putting up a good fight.

Payne vs. Valentine: Off-Point

Defending her three fight win streak, Jenny Valentine [0-0] was set to use her superior strength to intimidate her opponent, Veronica Payne [0-0]. Payne, finding herself compromised right away by the imbalance of power, responded with big hits from top position. These heavy exchanges did not bother Valentine in the least, and she responded by lifting Payne off the ground and slamming her on the mat. Valentine’s game-plan was on-point, mixing in MMA and wrestling with brutal power. She was in the proverbial zone, having her way with Payne throughout the first two rounds. Jenny applied an inverted-triangle-choke and a guillotine-choke to try and put her opponent away. Veronica had a few brief moments where she was able to slow down Valentine, but it was something outside the ring that ultimately did Valentine in. She was feuding with one of the judges, Trap Gambino. When Jenny lunged through the ropes at Gambino, Payne tossed her out. The reason for the fury was not immediately clear. At this point, the referee, Sarah Compton, deemed the fight over and disqualified Jenny. Payne earned her first LFC win at the expense of Valentine’s implosion. Another match that has the makings of part two.

Mazzato vs. White: Close & Uncomfortable

Shay Mazzato [0-0] did not need to have it pointed out to her that Crystal White [0-0] had a massive size advantage. From the nervous smile on her face, it was obvious that Shay knew that this was going to be a tough match. First in the ring, Mazzato looked energetic and ready to start the hostilities. White’s slow walk was menacing and hinted at what she intended on doing: go right through Mazzato. The former champion, Mazzato, had a different idea for the fight. The veteran, Shay, knowing that her only chance was to use her in-ring experience, was shrewd in making opportunities from nothing. The bigger and stronger White looked frustrated at times by Shay’s speed and agility. Fans could see that every second of the fight was a grind, and scoring it was not easy. At one point in round 2, Mazzato went over the top rope, hanging on to an armbar hold to keep her from hitting the hard concrete floor. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. That summed up the night for these two: a close and uncomfortable contact. Exhaustion set in towards the end of the fight, leaving both fighters on their backs as the bell sounded. Hearing White’s name called as the winner resulted in pure disappointment on Shay’s face. ‘The Fox’ had fought a very intelligent fight, but once again, it wasn’t her night.

Ducati vs Hexxx: Back In The Conversation

As a last minute replacement, Daisy Ducati was not intimidated by [Jenevieve Hexxx} or the python she entered the arena with. Daisy, possessing a six-inch height advantage, looked right at home under the intense scrutiny the LFC is known for. Hexxx looked very fit and did not seem distracted, as she sometimes gets during a match. Daisy’s long legs wrapped themselves like a python around the torso of Hexxx, trapping ‘The Sorceress’ repeatedly, but Jenevieve was merely bending and not breaking. A slight edge to Daisy after the first round, but Hexxx was fighting better than she ever has, making it a very competitive match. Was Jenevieve going to return to her winning ways against a very difficult opponent with superior strength and size? The potential that Daisy showed early on evaporated all of a sudden. Ducati was caught in an inverted-triangle choke that Hexx squeezed with all her might to get the tap from the newbie. The referee called a stoppage to this fight at the 0:45 of round 2. A well-earned win for Hexxx who is legitimately back in the conversation.

Hexx vs. Paris: Motivated!

The European Champion likes to remind everyone that she holds the belt and this night was no different. Along with the belt, Jolene entered the ring with swagger, trash-talking every chance she got. First-timer Shelby Paris [0-0] seemed intimidated by the multi-talented Hexx. It was obvious that ‘The Valkyrie’ was toying with ‘The Panther’ from the get go. We’re off to a quick start and the referee deducted a point from Hexx for pulling Shelby’s hair, evening the first round. To start the second round, Hexx declared that she was ‘not playing anymore’ and started landing kicks to the body of her opponent. After a bit of jawing at Leon Hater, Jolene locked in an inverted-triangle-choke with some extra twerking on the side. Referee, Sarah Compton had no choice but to end the match. Her post-fight comments included calling out LFC CEO, Shaun Donnelly, telling him that she wants all the available LFC titles. Jolene looks more motivated than ever. The next event is looking very interesting.

Salina vs. Forbes: The Chain!

The Booty Camp Championship was on the line for either Salina [0-0] or Katie Forbes [0-0] to win. How could Salina or Katie – both with huge egos – not expect to win the vacated title left by Allie Parks [0-0]? Forbes offered the dig that she was the highest paid athlete of the night. But is that be enough to take home the hardware? The action begins with Katie rubbing Salina’s face in her breasts, prompting the Puerto Rican to give the Georgia Peach a hard slap across the face. After a humiliating butt smother by Katie, Salina gives her opponent a booty drop of her own. Salina goes on to deliver some of the hardest punches of the night, taking Katie by surprise. It did not matter that the blows were illegal, the fight was on, and the first round went to Salina. Round two was intense and brought out a few more illegal shots to the face. Dueling clotheslines in the closing moments left both combatants on their backs. The scoring is very tight in the second. The final round is unlike anything the LFC has ever seen. After some back-and-forth, Salina leaves the ring for over a minute with time winding down. The diva was forced back into the ring by management and the fight was reset.  The rest of the fight was all Forbes. Salina is exhausted, but still has enough to fight Leon Hater after the bell. Holly Mei [0-0], now the full-time Prez of the league, is not happy at all. We now go to the judges score card. This was a very close fight, but Katie’s reaction of disbelief and anger says it all. Salina takes the majority decision and walks away with the chain. The LFC has a new Booty Camp Champion!

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A.C. Mann