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As if eased back into the conversation, Audrey Monique [0-0] has started to appear in LFC photo shoots and in the 2021 calendar. After a four-year absence, ‘The Mongoose’ is back to give it another try. She was a victim of one of the most brutal attacks in LFC history, when Shelly DaSilva [0-0] bit her on the eye at LFC22 [0-0]. Shelly felt threatened and did the unthinkable, illegally and possibly immorally attacking Audrey. Weeks later, Audrey claimed her eye had recovered, and she was back to normal. DaSilva has since retired, and Audrey now has an opportunity for a fresh start.

Standing across from Audrey, giving ‘The Mongoose’ a proper ‘welcome-back’ is Bella Ink [0-0]. When we last saw Ink, she had recently given birth. While the fact that childbirth, a beautiful and amazing act, can leave an athlete at a disadvantage, Bella did not let that stop her from competing and honoring her commitment to the league. At LFC30 [0-0], Lauren Fogle [0-0] gave no quarter to Ink and did what a fighter does: zero-in on an objective and win at all cost. Ink lost by a creative submission to a very dangerous fighter, but she earned all sorts of points and cred as a warrior. MMA currency is not easy to come by.

How will this match play out? Audrey, a very athletic fighter with a background in track and field and soccer, is back to fight her way into relevancy after her MMA career was derailed. Opposing her is an experienced brawler – who made her debut at the first Booty Camp against one of the best in the LFC, Jolene Hexx [0-0]. This is Ink’s sixth straight event, making her very comfortable with the way it works among the ladies of lingerie. Will Ink regain the momentum she had before her loss to Fogle? Only time will tell. Audrey is back and this time it’s personal. See how it all plays out, Tuesday March 23 only on PPV.

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