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LFC29 [0-0] saw the debut of Gemma Guliana [0-0] in a match against the well-trained Sybil Starr [0-0]. Guliana dropped a three round decision but showed a willingness to mix it up. And once again Gemma will be undersized, but expect her to bring some new moves along with refocused energy. Because a second loss in a row will not look good to LFC match-makers.

Newcomer, Vita VonStarr [0-0], stands prepared to drain the energy from her rival. Vonstarr, a very aggressive wrestler with acrobatic skills, is a force in the ring – opportunistic and instinctive at times. Yes, she is new to the LFC, but she is no stranger to the ranks of those that choose a life of combat. The LFC is welcoming her, presenting Vita the opportunity to make an even bigger name for herself. But is it at the expense of Gemma?

The size advantage that Vonstarr has over Guliana is not easy to overcome. The ‘Jersey Babe’ will need to come in with purpose and will most likely need to adjust as the fight goes on, using quickness to her advantage. Vonstarr will surely not make it easy for Guliana who is looking to claim some space in the LFC for herself.

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