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A high energy fighter, Sarah Brooke [0-0] has set her sights on winning over the fans of the LFC, knowing that first impressions really do make an impact. Sarah is a model and a wrestler – much like others in the LFC – who has the looks and athleticism to make a name for herself among a crowded field of competent fighters. As a former water polo player, Sarah found herself fighting against the competition in the pool; she then transitioned to catfighting, following her primordial desire for competition.

Holding her ground and willing to do what’s necessary to win, is Lauren Fogle [0-0]. After a fitful start to her LFC career, Lauren has established herself as a front-line member of the Pink Team. Captivating the audience with her memorable entrances, Fogle wastes no time in charging out of the gate to brawl and bully her way to victory. Whether winning or losing, eight of her ten fights have ended in the first round. When given just the slightest advantage, she makes the most of it, leaving her opponents relieved the fight is over.

Which is fiercer, ‘The Animal’ or ‘The Beast’? This match certainly has a winner-takes-all feel to it. Surely there is room for the both of them. Maybe. Regardless of everything, this fight has violence written all over it. And I for one, would not miss it for the world!

LFC31 [0-0] Streaming Live Tuesday, March 23rd
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