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If there is one fighter who has had the biggest momentum change, it’s Jenny Valentine [0-0]. She started her MMA career with three straight losses, complicated by suspensions and a lifetime ban that was eventually overturned. Everyone considered her a footnote in the history books, but she has since battled back and now sits at .500 for her record. It is her style of fighting of pure strength and aggression that can propel her along the same winning path or it can once again implode on her.

The fighter that is looking to trip Jenny up is Veronica Payne [0-0]. She has an admitted penchant for violence and is trained in hand-to-hand combat. Those two things are lethal on their own, but pairing it against one of the strongest physiques in the league, you can bet that drama will ensue. Payne is entering the fight with respect for Valentine, as she should, but also knows that her opponent has lapses in both judgment and concentration in the past. The fact that she is paying attention to her opponent’s state of mind means that she is willing to provoke the sort of scenario that leaves the fight in disarray and brings officials into the ring.

Jenny is going to act as Jenny does, and we know what to expect. Some fans might even want to see her return to her undisciplined ways. The unknown is Payne’s willingness to play into Jenny’s game. I am sure that management is going to talk to these two beforehand, telling them that the consequences of unruly behavior are not worth the momentary emotion of feeling justified. Will these two listen to the rules of what is allowed and not allowed on fight night? One I know will not; the other I suspect will find herself with no choice but to do the same. Either way, the fans are getting a great show.

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