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Usually undersized, Shay Mazzato [0-0] stands unparalleled with anyone when it comes to heart and fighting spirit. She is fearless in the ring, having faced the best in the LFC every time she competes. Shay has fought for the title a record five times, winning once against her nemesis, Monica Garcia [0-0]. Some credit her with sending the great Feather Hadden [0-0] into retirement after their brutal and bloody match at LFC22 [0-0]. For her, the sound of the bell means it is time to go to work, signifying a call that she never cowers from. Should fans expect Mazzato to get a break against a newcomer at LFC31 [0-0]? Probably not.

The reason it will not seem as though Shay is getting a break is because Crystal White [0-0], the LFC first-timer, is a veteran with unbelievable skills and strength. Crystal knows very well what Mazzato has done in the league, but that is not stopping her from bringing her A-game along with an attitude to match. She sees her legs as being key to any strategy or game plan that will evolve on fight night, stating that they “pack a wallop.” Crystal has set her sights on the championship belt and getting through Mazzato is one way to prove that she deserves consideration.

The size advantage goes to White, but aside from Mazzato’s one-sided fight against Jessie Santos [0-0], no one really has made Shay seem/fight small in the cage. ‘The Fox’ is competitive in spite of differences in height and weight, rallying when necessary and evading if needed. This is certainly a great opportunity for Crystal to establish herself, threatening all Shay has done for the league. I see this as a close match-up with quick and violent exchanges, resulting in tight scoring at the end. Look for each woman to make a sound case for the win.

LFC31 [0-0] Streaming Live Tuesday, March 23rd
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