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LFC27 [0-0] marked the debut of Katie Forbes [0-0]. Her wrestling experience was on full display and the attention she received was well warranted. She knows how to make an entrance, drawing eyes and turning heads from far and wide. The ‘Kim Kardashian’ of the wrestling world sees the ring as her private stage, where she is the only performer that counts or is worthy of adulation. Actually, she probably sees Kardashian as being the Katie Forbes of pop culture! Katie backs up her swagger with genuine fighting ability. Possessing moves that are guaranteed to entertain with every kick, punch or slam. This is a polished athlete that takes pride in what she has created, making her envied by some and despised by those that wish they had some of her appeal. The title is on the line, and at the end of the night, Katie will hold nothing back to get her hands raised, as the new Booty Camp Queen of LFC.

Standing in opposition and guarding the path to the Booty Camp Champion Chain, is Salina [0-0] – a native of Puerto Rico that now calls Florida her home. Salina started her professional wrestling career as a teenager and has quickly built a name for herself and a loyal fan base around the world. In high school, she played volleyball and soccer, but it was only after graduation that she found her true calling: wrestling. Salina has wrestled and managed talent, familiarizing herself with all facets of the sport. Her drive is like no other. Recently recovered from a serious leg injury that left her unable to walk without the use of a walking cane. It opened doors for her when most would have called it quits. Her career is off to the races, raising the bar for herself and for others who aspire to walk the path that she paved. She is bringing quite a bit of drama into the ring as well, mixing a large dose of trash-talking with unparalleled assault on the competition.

Even the most casual fans of combat sports will conclude that this is a top shelf match that well deserves the main event status. These two fighters are sure to draw some new fans to the LFC, spotlighting two huge egos that will try to outdo each other at every opportunity. A pairing such as this drives itself, bursting off the line with tons of horsepower. Rest assured that tanks will be emptied and egos will suffer, one more than the other. A champion gets crowned in the aftermath of this rumble, and fans will wonder if three rounds was enough for two outsized stars. Regardless of how the night ends, we will have a new Booty Camp Champion. The baton will be passed, and the future of the LFC rests on one of these warriors. Advantage in this bout goes to the LFC and to the fans.

LFC31 [0-0] Streaming Live Tuesday, March 23rd
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