The LFC answers the call for a return to normalcy, presenting a talent-laden card on March 23, 2021. LFC31 [0-0] offers eight matches, featuring seven newcomers looking to prove themselves on the big stage. The ladies of lingerie fighting bring a seductive appeal to the world of MMA. Fans from all around the world are tuning in to see what the fighters look like, what they are wearing, and how much booty they can kick. A new Booty Camp Champion will emerge after the dust settles, filling the vacancy left by the now retired Allie Parks [0-0]. There will be drama, trash-talking, catty-behavior, and star-powered-divas, as they battle for LFC supremacy.

Bout #1: Monique vs. Ink: Gaining An Advantage

Opening the show are two familiar faces: Audrey Monique [0-0] returns after a four-year absence to take on the now established Bella Ink [0-0]. ‘The Mongoose’ was the victim of one of the most brutal attacks in LFC history, when Shelly DaSilva [0-0] tried to remove her left eye at LFC22 [0-0]. Bella – who did not let a recent childbirth keep her from fighting – has gained tonnes of LFC cred. She was the repeated target of a nippy cannibal’s attacks – just watch her 2 fights with Agatha Carter [0-0] for proof of this. Both are a little more savvy now. Will they resort to using their jaws to gain an advantage? It is a possibility.

Bout #2: Vonstarr vs. Guliana: Keeping Up

Bringing an insatiable taste for combat to the league is Vita VonStarr [0-0]. She is paired against Gemma Guliana [0-0] in the second bout of the evening. Gemma fought well in her only LFC appearance, dropping a decision to the well-traveled Sybil Starr [0-0] at LFC29 [0-0]. Vonstarr relies on her offensive-minded instincts to get her point across. She has excellent mobility with a background in acrobatics. Will the ‘Jersey Babe’ have what it takes to keep up? You can bet she won’t go down without a fight. This one brings the heat early in the card.

Bout #3: Fogle vs. Brooke: Ceding Ground

Lauren Fogle [0-0] believes in starting fast; it is the only way she knows how to fight. Bullying her opponents quickly and making them fight defensively is the most important objective in her arsenal. For Fogle, this style works well most of the time. Win or lose, her fights rarely last more than one round. Ready to defend against the inevitable onslaught is LFC first-timer Sarah Brooke [0-0]. Fans will undoubtedly feel the excitement when ‘The Beast’ – not lacking in confidence or ability – stands her ground against ‘The Animal.’ The tension for this one is through the roof.

Bout #4: Payne vs. Valentine: Violent Behavior

Fans know that Jenny Valentine [0-0] has a hard time containing her power and her desire to hurt her opponents. Restraint is not something that Valentine is able to utilize, taking the violence to another level at any given opportunity. Opposing Jenny is the very capable Veronica Payne [0-0]. Trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat, Payne admits that she too has a penchant for violence in the ring/cage. With a strong base in wrestling, Payne poses a dilemma for Valentine, but she also poses one for LFC officials who do not want to see things escalate between these two. This is a must-watch encounter for fans, offering the possibility of an over-the-top scenario.

Bout #5: Mazzato vs. White: No Choice

Former LFC champion Shay Mazzato [0-0] has never backed-down, often fighting opponents who are much bigger than her. She fights with a tireless passion that is admirable by fans, fellow fighters and coaches alike. Crystal White [0-0], an experienced fighter with unbelievable skills and strength, has said that she is looking to get past Mazzato on her way to the LFC title. There is no way this can sit well with Shay. Undersized once again, ‘The Fox’ appears seemingly cornered and left with no choice but to defend what she has worked so hard to build, that is her legacy in LFC. Warning: This fight will get catty and extremely exciting!

Bout #6: Ducati vs. Hexxx: Well-Versed

Fearlessly stepping in as a replacement for Barbie Hudson is Daisy Ducati [0-0]. The newcomer must face the very experienced and at times strange Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0]. What caused Barbie to pull out at such a late date? Was it something Hexxx said or did? Probably. Daisy is well-versed in fighting with the objective of dominating the foe. She comes to the LFC from the world of adult-themed wrestling, where the risk of losing provides an extra incentive to win. Hexxx, a veteran of so much LFC drama, intends to make Daisy regret ever taking this assignment.

Semi-Main Event: Hexx vs. Paris: Rage!

With an abundance of unique characters and beautiful women on the roster, it is not easy to claim the title of ‘Face Of The LFC’ for oneself, but that is precisely what Jolene Hexx [0-0] has done. The trash-talking and unabashed European Champion, is a difficult fight for anyone, and her Krav Maga style of fighting only adds to it. As a recent addition to the coveted calendar, Shelby Paris [0-0] is coming into the match against Jolene with a little momentum. She is a model who has also fought in the adult-themed arena. If Jolene suspects any type of threat, it may get ugly right away. However, if Jolene is blinded by rage, her decision-making powers may suffer. If that happens, Shelby might benefit as we’ve seen in the past with Monica Garcia [0-0]. This co-main event is full of potential nastiness.

Main Event: Salina vs. Forbes: Overload

Is there enough room for two divas in the same fight? Only the fans can decide. Salina [0-0] vs. Katie Forbes [0-0] will overload the circuits for sure, providing a glimpse of where the LFC is headed. These two personalities are all about taking what they want and dismissing what they deem unworthy. Salina, originally from Puerto Rico, is making a name for herself in the world of wrestling. Possessing that indefinable quality that makes her the center of attention, Salina gladly takes the spotlight, and yes, she deserves every bit of it. Equally, a draw of high magnitude, is Katie Forbes. Her nickname of ‘Bombshell’ suits her perfectly as she mesmerizes all with every kick, punch and slam. Her signature moves belong to her and only her, and fans will expect her to bring them out at LFC31. This match is here to push the envelope and to crown a new champion.

The card is definitely stacked with a very capable group of fighters. Credit goes to the management team at LFC for their tireless work in putting it together and for their creativity in coming up with must-see matches for the ages. All this was done with the fans in mind because they are what powers LFC Nation. There are so many story lines featured, and we’ll all get to witness it unravel on fight-night. Will the fresh-faces manage to outshine the LFC veterans? Will there be enough room for the prospects going forward for a league brimming with talent? One thing is for sure, the LFC is moving forward with a clear vision of what it wants for the future of our beloved sport.

Thanks for reading,
A.C. Mann

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