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As the face of the LFC, Jolene Hexx [0-0] has much more to lose than her opponents do each time she steps into the cage/ring. That is the undeniable cost of success in the fight game. For Jolene, who remains cocky and brash; the stress of her value to the league has to weigh heavily on her. No one wants to lose their status, especially if it has reached heights such as hers. Looking back, even the retired Andreea Vladoi [0-0] – the former nemesis of ‘The Valkyrie’ – stills looms as a viable contender to knock Jolene off of her throne. Vladoi, who retired as LFC Champion, left with the bitter taste of not being able to avenge her 2 losses to Jolene. Still, Jolene remains motivated to keep all she has earned and is appreciative of her place in the LFC.

Shelby Paris [0-0] has already received some LFC attention in the form of the most recent calendar shoot. Fans were able to get to know her a little, as she posed alongside and inside of the legendary AC Shelby Cobra. This model, who creates adult content, is excited about the chance to mix-it-up against other women. Wrestling is a feature of some of her work, so this is not much of a divergent or different path for her. Does she have a chance or will she flame-out under the intense glare that professional MMA engenders? LFC31 will provide an answer to that, but there is one thing working in her favor: Shelby is listed as a brawler. And the only fighter to completely dominate Jolene was another brawler, Feather Hadden [0-0], at LFC20 [0-0]. She needs to study the video from that fight – and take what she can to use an advantage against the Trash Talking Queen.

So, does Jolene continue on as the darling of the LFC, or will Shelby puncture her reputation and take something for herself? The night’s Co-Main Event, will offer fans a glimpse into the future of what our sport holds. There is a sense of change in the air, along with fates being reshuffled and rosters permantntly altered. Jolene is no longer that newcomer that faced Hadden. In some ways, she has some of what made Hadden great inside of her: a contempt for her opponents. Advantage to Jolene.

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