Sarah Brooke vs. Mai Richards

The first fight of the night is between the former ring/poster girl, Mai Richards [0-0], and the veteran, Sarah Brooke [0-0]. Aside from marking the highly anticipated debut of Richards, this match also debuts the first ever pre-fight wardrobe malfunction. Brooke nearly loses her top during the instructions. Sarah also had wardrobe issues during the fight, delighting fans who keep score on that front (pun intended).

Mai is not shy about accepting the challenge that is MMA. The glare is very bright and expectations are boundless for the local girl. She comes out full of energy, trading dominant positions with ‘The Beast’. Fearlessly and perhaps disrespectfully, Mai wastes little time in ensnaring Brooke in a rear-naked-choke, viciously dispatching of her opponent – smiling and laughing all the way to victory.

Mai Richards defeats Sarah Brooke via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1

Brooke Gilley vs. Shelby Paris

For two fighters who call Sturgis home, Brooke Gilley [0-0] and Shelby Paris [0-0] find themselves in a territorial war. The stakes are high for these two warriors and hometown bragging rights are on the line.

From the start, it is obvious that Gilley was going to have it her way. She quickly traps Paris in a full-body choke, wearing down ‘The Panther’ in a show of dominance. After the referee, Daisy Ducati [0-0], breaks them up for inactivity, Gilley slams Shelby’s head into the mat via her fearsome guillotine choke. It is not long before Shelby taps, giving Brooke her second LFC win in as many tries.

Brooke Gilley defeats Shelby Paris via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1

Jenny Valentine vs. Mia Annabella

Jenny Valentine [0-0], always controversial and never boring, takes on the newcomer, Mia Annabella [0-0]. The feeling-out period does not last very long. Valentine does her best to give Mia a rude welcome into the league, taking the fight to the mat and showing Mia what a ‘booty to the face’ feels like. Mia is not content to offer Valentine any easy target, she has plenty of fight in her and does her best to respond to Jenny’s power. The action is nonstop and the fighter’s dislike of each other grows with every passing moment.

After a close first round, the second round is taxing on Mia who looks exhausted, while Jenny’s endurance is holding up well. In round three, Mia, having had enough of Valentine’s booty in her face, bites Jenny on her butt. Valentine, unfazed, gives more of it to Mia as the round develops.

It’s pure chaos in round 3, but they hold it together and make it to the decision. Valentine gets the win, but Mia continues to bite Valentine in a wild post-fight skirmish that inexplicably includes Blue Team coach Audrey Monique [0-0] attacking the ref, Teri London [0-0].

Jenny Valentine defeats Mia Annabella via Decision (Unanimous)

Agatha Carter vs. Bella Ink

The third installment of Agatha Carter [0-0] vs. Bella Ink [0-0] shows us two different fighters from their first meeting at LFC28 [0-0]. Agatha appears more polished and features more moves than before. Ink looks in even better shape and seems to have acquired a bad attitude along the way.

Carter, dressed in black, enters the ring looking like a vampire out for blood, and Ink looks ready to counter whatever moves ‘The Cannibal’ has in store for her. After a bit of stand-up, the action goes to the ground. Carter wastes no time in showing her improved ground-game. Ink, naturally an offensive fighter spends most of the round on her back looking for answers.

Looking frustrated in the second round, Ink charges out and uses her aggression to get back on track; later she uses an illegal foot to Carter’s throat then sets up her own dose of ‘booty to the face’. The fight transitions to the mat, where Carter becomes unconscious from a tight leg scissors hold. Suddenly revived, Carter is ready to continue, but it is too late. Ink takes it by submission.

Bella Ink defeats Agatha Carter via Submission (Leg Scissors Choke) in Round 2

Lauren Fogle vs. Crystal White

Two stunningly fit fighters enter the ring to carve out a path to a title shot. Lauren Fogle [0-0], a veteran who has acquired a taste for spectacular submissions, faces the formidable Crystal White [0-0]. Both of these women prefer being the aggressor, making this more of a collision than a fight.

Crystal wastes no time in marking her territory with two powerful slams that leave Fogle underperforming. Preparing for a third slam, White looks on her way to dominating Lauren. However, Fogle tenaciously prevents the third slam and eventually maneuvers White into a rear-naked-choke, complete with a full-frontal wardrobe malfunction from White. Lauren smartly leaves the ring after it is over, knowing she must conserve her energy for the following two nights.

Lauren Fogle defeats Crystal White via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1

Jolene Hexx vs. Holly Mei

After a four year hiatus, the Prez, Holly Mei [0-0] returns to the ring. Haven’t fought since LFC23 [0-0], the Muay Thai specialist is back to silence her critics and to put an end to her bitter feud with Jolene Hexx [0-0]. ‘The Valkyrie’ enters the ring with the confidence who many consider the pound-for-pound queen.

Jolene is relentless in mocking Holly, bringing her trash-talking to the fore early on. Mei, who’s showing some ring-rust, uses some unfair tactics to show Jolene that there are consequences for getting on the bad side of The Prez. The first round ends after dueling leg holds. Holly takes an early lead.

Holly comes out focused for round 2, while Jolene appears rattled after spending the rest-period complaining about Holly’s questionable tactics to the ref. Continuing to stymie the European Champion, Holly starts to take control of the match and suddenly finds herself winning due to the controversial disqualification. It is still unclear how Hexx got disqualified, but you be the judge. A post-fight skirmish between Mei and Audrey Monique [0-0] sets up a possible go-round with ‘The Mongoose’ and The Prez.

Holly Mei defeats Jolene Hexx via Disqualification Round 2

Shay Mazzato vs. Gypsy Mac

The former LFC champion, Shay Mazzato [0-0], takes on a fighter making her LFC debut, Gypsy Mac [0-0] in the main-event. With the vacant title on the line, Mazzato looks comfortable and seems focused. ‘The Fox’ knows what sort of effort it will take to leave the ring with the belt and the respect of the LFC nation.

Round 1 moves along quickly. Mazzato has mastered the ability to fight at close range, wearing out opponents with her relentless style of fighting. Gypsy does her best to counter Mazzato and tries to use her weight advantage, but Shay is just too fast and never stays in one spot for very long.

In round 2, Mac comes out angry and wants to hurt Mazzato. Gypsy has a nice stretch where she takes control of the bout. She is able to get Mazzato into some uncomfortable holds, making the former champion work. However, that effort took too much out of her and a failed attempt at a takedown left her on the canvas exhausted and easy pickings for Mazzato. A neck crank decided the match, making Mazzato the first ever two-time LFC champion. Congratulations, Shay!

Shay Mazzato defeats Gypsy Mac via Submission (Neck Crank) in Round 2