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Slotted in the middle of the card are two fighters, Agatha Carter [0-0] and Bella Ink [0-0], who are very familiar with each other. They traded wins on consecutive nights at LFC28 [0-0] and LFC29 [0-0]. At this point, it is no secret that Carter likes to bite her opponents – just ask Bella if Agatha sharpens her teeth! Still, this third go-round is intriguing on a couple of levels. Will officials tell the ‘Cannibal’ that the buffet is closed and demand that she fight fairly? Or will Ink, if bitten, decide to let her own incisors respond in kind? We’ll just have to see.

Looking past the potential for oral attacks, these are two capable fighters. Carter possesses a lethal set of legs that are as powerful as they are long. Ink knows how to stand her ground and fights with purpose. Again, this is one that can easily go off-the-rails in a hurry and for the viewers sake, let’s hope the¬†fight is about pummeling one another instead of dealing with flesh wounds.

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