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The semi-main event is full of drama and wrought with the potential for something memorable to happen. With only two losses (one by disqualification) in six years, Jolene Hexx [0-0] has carved out a place in the LFC that she can call her own. Yes, LFC history will look on her accomplishments fondly, but she is a huge part of the present movement going forward. Her fighting style of Krav Maga allows her to dictate the pace and to get out of trouble easily, making her a constant threat.

Part of Jolene’s history includes the rivalry with the ‘Prez’, Holly Mei [0-0]. As the ‘Prez’, Holly has governed with grace and fairness, thinking of the fighters first and will occasionally step in to settle a dispute. Holly, disciplined in Muay Thai, came into the league with plenty of momentum, getting a failed title shot her first time out. Perhaps unfairly, she has primarily fought against the best in the league, rarely getting the chance to catch her breath. She has not fought in four years and is now matched against someone she shares animosity with. Mei suspended Jolene, who at first disregarded the suspension, creating a bitter feud that can only find resolution in the ring. This one is personal for both women, surely drawing out all sorts of unexpected emotions. A must-watch match for all fans of combat sports.

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