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Outsized by Crystal White [0-0] from the previous night, Lauren Fogle [0-0] is once again matched against someone with impressive size. This time her opponent is Daisy Ducati [0-0]. In the past Lauren has not fared well when she is the smaller fighter. Two fights come to mind: Cali Cat [0-0] at LFC21 [0-0] and Jesse Santos [0-0] at LFC28 [0-0]. To her credit, Lauren fought adequately against those Amazons, but she was nevertheless submitted in both fights and forced to restart her LFC journey.

Daisy is fighting for only the second time in the LFC. Her first match was a loss via submission to a reinvigorated Jenvieve Hexxx [0-0]. Still, she looked comfortable and used her size to her advantage against the veteran. Physically, Daisy may have what it takes to put an end to “The Animal’s” recent surge. But will it be enough against a veteran who’sΒ been on a tear as of late? This will be an exciting match-up full of uncertainty.

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