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Two residents of Las Vegas come together in this match: Agatha Carter [0-0] steps into the ring against Gypsy Mac [0-0]. Carter’s legs are her not-so-secret weapons used to control the pace of a fight, dominating her opponents by trapping them between her powerful thighs. A rule breaker, Carter likes to bite fighters because of an insatiable need to sample the flesh of her opponents. It is uncomfortable to watch when she does it, imagining the pain she is inflicting on another human being. The officials will need to watch closely as her nickname is “The Cannibal” for a reason!

Mac will be fighting for a second night in a row at the Sturgis trilogy, wanting to show the LFC nation that she is deserving of the honor. With so much to think about and so much to plan for, will Gypsy be ready to fight against a very dangerous opponent in Carter? I guess that’s what coaches are for – to prepare a fighter against any opposition. There is definitely an interesting angle that may naturally develop here. Mac is also no stranger to the dark arts and is an avid practitioner of witchcraft. This fight will undoubtedly become a battle for supernatural supremacy with the winner ruling over the league with an ominous presence.

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