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It really is unavoidable at this point, Kyra Batara [0-0] is going to make a splash in the LFC. The only question is, how big will that splash be? Her second LFC fight has her getting a shot at the title against the very experienced Shay Mazzato [0-0]. Batara has an accomplished resume that makes her a force right off-the-bat, but does she have what it takes to outduel a fighter who has been here so many times before? Kyra is a fierce fighter, and she is definitely hungry to add an LFC belt to her already impressive resume. Will her name join the list of great LFC champions in only her second fight in lingerie? It will be fun watching her try to do just that at LFC33: Rev It Up.

Mazzato is a warrior who will fight against anyone put before her. She is not afraid to take on much larger opponents or opponents that can match her speed and agility. She is actually taller than Batara, but that won’t make much of a difference when the blows start coming and the violent nature of MMA takes over. Under no circumstances will ‘The Fox’ take Kyra lightly, risking the crown that is coveted by all. Mazzato, possibly more than most, knows what is on the line and how quickly it can disappear. The result of this fight will only add to the legend of the LFC title and to those who have worn it.

LFC33: Rev It Up Streaming Live on LingerieFC.com

Friday August 13, 2021 6pm MT / 8pm ET

$24.99 for All 3 Events or Free for VIP Members

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