Teri London vs. Jesabella Marie

Teri London [0-0] returns to action dressed in red lingerie and is revved up before the fight even starts. She came out aggressive and pummeled Jesabella Marie [0-0] into submission in the first round. Jesabella had no answers for ‘Feisty Fists’ onslaught and leaves the ring still winless in the LFC.

Teri London wins by Submission (Leg Scissors Choke) at 1:54 in round 1.

Jenny Valentine vs. Shelby Paris

Day one winner Jenny Valentine [0-0] cuts loose on Shelby Paris [0-0] in the first round and nearly submits her. Showing heart, Paris fights back till the very end of the round. Round two was much of the same then out of nowhere, Jenny puts Shelby to sleep with a leg scissors choke. Jenny takes her second win in as many days. Coach Audrey Monique [0-0] continues to meddle and seems to be fighting everyone at this point.

Jenny Valentine wins by Submission (Leg Scissors Choke) at 1:01 in round 2

Sarah Brooke vs. Mia Annabella

Sarah Brooke [0-0] is looking for her first LFC win against the resilient Mia Annabella [0-0]. The two Florida babes hate each other and it shows. The bout opens with Brooke using ‘booty punches’ on her opponent. Mia returns fire. It’s an exciting back and forth battle. Round one ends. Round two was also competitive, but Mia made the mistake of letting Sarah get on top. Sarah immediately sinks in a leg scissors choke, Mia had no choice but to tap.

Sarah Brooke wins by Submission (Leg Scissors Choke) at 1:41 in round 2.

Lauren Fogle vs. Daisy Ducati

The seemingly unstoppable Lauren Fogle [0-0] takes on Daisy Ducati [0-0] in the fourth fight of the night. An aggressive Ducati looks to submit Fogle early on with tough submission attempts and gets close several times. Switching gears, Fogle has her way with Ducati for the rest of the round and gets a tap with a tight armbar.

Lauren Fogle wins by Submission (Arm Bar) at 2:26 in round 1.

Agatha Carter vs. Crystal White

Agatha Carter [0-0] takes on the very fit Crystal White [0-0] in this featured bout of the evening. White’s see through outfit steals the show and should receive some points if it goes to the decision. Hard punches from both combatants in the first with White slamming Carter to end the round. Carter removes her top in round two and fights in nothing but pasties. White wastes no time and slams Carter to the mat and follows up with a nasty looking Achilles lock.

Crystal White wins by Submission (Achilles Lock) at 0:22 in round 2.

Bella Ink vs. Jolene Hexx

Jolene Hexx [0-0] takes on Bella Ink [0-0] in the semi-main event of the evening. Two dominant fighters kick off the match with dueling scissor locks. It’s nonstop action for the rest of the round with it going either way, I’d hate the be the judge in this one! A catfight breaks out in round two between what looks like the entire team – it’s pure mayhem! The actions restarts, Jolene ends up on top position and is able to get the submission.

Jolene Hexx wins by Submission (Neck Crank) at 2:43 in the 2nd round.

Gypsy Mac vs. Shay Mazzato

Day one rematch for the LFC title, Shay Mazzato [0-0] takes on Gypsy Mac [0-0] to leave nothing on the table. They come out strong with both fighters not giving an inch to end the first round. Advantage Shay. It’s a back and fourth battle in round two with Mac using effective strikes against an elusive Mazzato. Very competitive, but advantage to Mac. Mazzato almost gets the submission in round three, but Max hangs on and makes it the end. Final round goes to Shay. What can only be described as a draw, we have a fourth round. The fight is exhausting with both fighters giving it all they got, but in the end, Shay walks away with the W and is STILL the undisputed LFC Champion.

Shay Mazzato wins by Decision (Unanimous) in the 4th round (over-time).