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There were elements of animosity when Jolene Hexx [0-0] and Bella Ink [0-0] fought at LFC26 [0-0]. It was as if they had crossed paths outside the cage and had something to settle inside of it. Jolene, the European champion, was momentarily taken aback when the rookie charged out aggressively with powerful kicks and bad intentions. After Ink took the first round, Jolene decided to get serious and dispatched Ink with her usual flairwith sexual overtones – submitting Bella via an inverted-triangle-choke.

In just over 2 years, Bella has done a great job in making a name for herself and becoming a respected member of the LFC. She has a strong presence in the cage and is quick to pounce on opponents with fury and discontent. This is not the same fighter that succumbed to Hexx in her LFC debut. She now gets the opportunity to avenge the loss to Jolene’s suggestive submission hold and forcing to tap. Will Bella make the most of this rematch and dole out some payback of her own? Fans have been waiting for this one and will find out soon enough.

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