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Another backyard brawl erupts when two denizens of Las Vegas, Agatha Carter [0-0] and Daisy Ducati [0-0] square off. Agatha fights smartly, using her entire arsenal to find a way to win. Her long legs are a threat and fighters that find themselves trapped in between them are in for a long night. She likes to win and is not shy about working in unseemly elements to do so, even if it means taking a chunk out of her opponents!

Daisy brings a measure of brashness into the ring, fitting right in with the other high-powered personalities of the league. Physically, she is imposing and should wisely pivot off that if she wants to be successful in MMA. Her ground game is elite as we saw in her match against Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0] at LFC31 [0-0]. However, she mustn’t take Agatha lightly as ‘The Cannibal’ will do what it takes to win.

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