Brooke Gilley vs. Bella Ink

1st Bout: Brooke Gilley [0-0], looking to stay undefeated in the LFC, starts off round one by rolling Bella Ink [0-0] out of the ring and aggressively pounds on her. The fight is reset, Ink wastes little time and uses Brooke’s signature move, the guillotine, to gain control. With the illegal aid of the ropes, Bella gets the tap and the win in this brief but high-powered one-rounder. Audrey Monique [0-0] and Ink rekindle their feud in a post-fight skirmish.

Mai Richards vs. Jenny Valentine

2nd Bout: Mai Richards [0-0] faces a tough test in Jenny Valentine [0-0]. Mai, working an effective stand-up, uses a creative head-scissors to pound Jenny’s head into the mat. Valentine pulls on Mai’s dread locks to slow the rookie down, but Mai’s energy is starting to tire out the veteran. Round one ends, advantage Mai. Mai shows off her strength and lifts Valentine for a partial slam to start round two. She is using Valentine for target practice at this point, smiling as she works an effective game. Jenny, finally having enough, slows the rookie down with her superior strength and experience. Mai gives up her back and had no option but to submit via rear-naked-choke. Mai fought impressively in-spite of a loss.

Agatha Carter vs. Daisy Ducati

3rd Bout: In the third fight of the evening, Agatha Carter [0-0] tries to get back on track against a cocky Daisy Ducati [0-0]. Fast start to this one. Ducati debuts a new move that features the splits grinding on a nearly topless Carter. Agatha responds with some booty to the face and slams Ducati to the mat. Ducati inserts her own booty into the action, causing the bout to devolve into chaos. Daisy attacks the referee, Jesabella Marie [0-0], and loses by disqualification. Coach Audrey Monique [0-0] – who seems to be feuding with everyone – does not help matters and attacks Carter. It’s all out mayhem! The Prez steps in to restore order. Carter walks away with the W via disqualification.

Teri London vs. Mia Annabella

4th Bout: Teri London [0-0] brings positive vibes into the ring for her match against Mia Annabella [0-0]. Mia is looking to salvage some dignity on day three after two straight losses. Mia quickly attacks London who responds with a booty bite. Annabella has no choice but to bite back. The first round is too close to call. Lots of punches to start round two, including more biting and in-close fighting. Mia, showing her desire to win, fights for a submission and after an exhausting attempt gets it via a triangle-choke. London fought well, but takes the loss.

Lauren Fogle vs. Sarah Brooke

5th Bout: Lauren Fogle [0-0] takes on Sarah Brooke [0-0] in a much anticipated rematch from LFC31 [0-0]. Fogle, looking to dispatch Brooke for a second time, comes out focused to start the fight. Sarah is ready and counters with a series of stubborn and unrelenting holds. Fogle is unable to break Sarah’s powerful leg-lock and spends most of the round struggling to escape from her opponent. ‘The Animal’ starts to exert more control against ‘The Beast’ in round two and eventually works an exciting leg-crank to submit a very game Brooke.

Gypsy Mac vs. Crystal White

Semi-main Event: Gypsy Mac [0-0] looks to get into the win column against the powerful and fashionable Crystal White [0-0]. The fight goes to the ground right away. Crystal has Mac in serious trouble early, and Mac is unable to mount anything. Gypsy looks beaten and has no answer for her foe. Dominant first round for White. Gypsy explodes with punches and submission attempts in round two, but it does not last. White quickly regains control of the fight and easily takes round two. Mac needs a submission in the last round if she is going to win this. She starts tough and traps White in a head-lock and then scissor-lock, she’s going for broke. Round three is decisive for Mac, but it is much too late to erase what happened earlier. White takes the unanimous decision.

Jolene Hexx vs. Shay Mazzato

Main-Event: The European Champion, Jolene Hexx [0-0], challenges Shay Mazzato [0-0] for Shay’s LFC Championship Belt. A trash-talking Jolene is all over Mazzato early on, trying to rattle the champion. Mazzato tries to work her speed and tenacity into the mix, but Jolene stays focused, making things very difficult for ‘The Fox’. Perhaps illegally, ‘The Valkyrie’ attacks Mazzato’s injured knee after the bell. Shay is noticeably in pain. Shay runs is in trouble to start round two, looking like a fighter out just survive. The fight is mercifully called, Mazzato was in too much pain to continue. Hexx jumps on the ring announcer, Johnny Tumbleweed to celebrate the win that makes her the first-ever Double Champ in the LFC. Congratulations go to the new Queen of LFC, Jolene ‘The Valkyrie’ Hexx!

That’s all folks. See you next year when LFC returns to the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip!

Photo courtesy of Crystal White