Bout 1: Sheena vs. Shay: Tortured

Did Sheena Bathory [0-0] live up to all the hype? Yes! She brought her muscles, beauty, and competitive spirit into the ring. Her opponent deserves major props for not folding under all the pressure and calling it a night. ‘Sinister’ Shay Lynn (0-1) kicks off the match by rocking Sheena with a skillful dive off the top rope, stunning ‘The Hungarian Hurricane’ in round 1. Sheena executed some damaging moves of her own, pile-driving Lynn into the mat and nearly choking her out before the first bell. The second round was just as active as the first and featured an illegal and unnecessary attempt by Bathory to choke out Shay with a piece of her clothing. More than a few times, Sheena hoisted her fellow LFC rookie onto her shoulders and paraded her around the ring like captured prey. Shay once again needed the bell to save her from a premature ending. Interestingly, it seemed that Sheena enjoyed receiving punishment as much as she liked doling it out, proving that she can take what she dishes out. Nonetheless, the bell was not going to save Shay from a submission via torture rack that ended the match. The Bathory era has begun.

Bout 2: Veronica vs. Lauren: Leg Work

A slow start to this one with two fighters finding their rhythm. Things start to heat up, the punches start to fly and the action transitions to the mat. After trading aggressive top positions, Veronica Payne [0-0] ends the first round by nearly submitting Lauren Ceccarelli [0-0] via a well-executed choke that officially welcomed the newcomer into the league. Lauren recovers and comes out with some impressive leg work in round two, punishing Payne with tough submission holds as time runs out. The fight is even going into the last round. Veronica tries hard to get the physically larger Ceccarelli under her control, but the rookie is not having any of it. Lauren is very aggressive and uses her lanky arms and legs to wear down her opponent. Veronica rallies some ground-and-pound at the end of the round, but is it enough? The fight ends with two exhausted fighters waiting for the official result. Lauren takes the win in a unanimous decision. Payne is not a happy camper.

Bout 3: Teri vs. JoJo: Leaping Into It

In her first time out, JoJo Hamner [0-0] gives Teri London [0-0] some serious competition in regard to the best orchestrated entrances. However, what counts is what happens inside the ring. The rookie looks very comfortable under the spotlight, exuding a calm rarely seen in a fighter making their professional MMA debut. JoJo does her best to exploit the size advantage, but that gets nullified when the fight goes to the ground where Teri has experience over newcomer. A close first round flows quickly into round 2. JoJo delivers one of the most exciting moves of the night when she lands the leaping splits on Teri’s midsection, catching ‘Feisty Fists’ off guard and momentarily stunning her. Hamner tries to deliver some more abuse, but momentarily gets caught off guard. Perhaps inspired by some of her family at ringside, London locks in a perfectly timed rear-naked-choke that finishes Hamner, putting out the fiery redhead who certainly came to fight. An exciting match from start to finish!

Bout 4: Veronika vs. Bella: Crucified

Matched up in the fourth bout of the night are two hostile boxers, Bella Ink [0-0] and Veronika Valentine [0-0]. Wearing just a pair of pasties on her breasts, Ink is out to prove that she knows her way around the LFC landscape as well anyone, taking a move out of the playbook of LFC’s European Champ, Jolene Hexx [0-0]. Standing in her way is Jenny Valentine’s older sister, Veronika. Ink wastes no time in playing the submission game with a vicious combination arm/leg hold that welcomes the newcomer. Ink starts letting the punches fly to punish Valentine, but finds herself trapped in a deep choke and scissors hold as the first round ends. So far, the fight is evenly matched. Bella looks angered between rounds, possibly feeling that she needs to defend the LFC reputation that she has worked so hard to build up. Ink comes out kicking to start round 2, dropping Valentine with some devastating shots. The rookie is left susceptible to a must-see crucifix choke that ended the night for the upstart. Bella looked like she was on top of her game in this one.

Bout 5: Lauren vs. MJ: Streaking

Signing on at the last-minute and even missing the weigh-ins, is Lauren Fogle [0-0], taking on a rookie in MJ Domino [0-0] – who also signed on after another fighter pulled out. Fogle devours newcomers, relishing in embarrassing and dispatching them quickly and efficiently. Domino, to her credit, appeared poised, impassively awaiting the action to begin. Lauren’s six-match win streak is on the line, and she is in no mood to have it stopped. ‘The Animal’, looking fit and as combative as ever, takes issue with MJ’s nickname of ‘The Dominator’. These two trade mount positions, but it is Lauren who is wisely looking for the early submission. In just under 80 seconds, Lauren is able to extend her win streak to seven by submitting Domino via a slick arm triangle. Lauren looks fresh at the end of the fight and is seemingly ready to take on another opponent.

Semi-main Event: T’Bella vs. Bella: Stratospheric

The winners of LFC Madness 1, {T’Bella Madisyn} and Bella Rockafella [0-0], finally meet in the ring. These two high-powered divas try to steal the attention all to themselves in the semi-main event of the evening. Yes, this is a fight, but these two are all about their personalities and need to show them off. The first round is about butt slaps and running in and out of the ring. Round 2 is more conventional. Rockafella has a tight armbar that she unwisely lets go of. T’Bella is aggressive and starts to exert some dominance, causing Rockafella to land an illegal elbow to the face for which the referee deducts a point. Rockafella opens the last round desperate to make up for the lost point, but finds herself dropped on her back and does not recover, giving T’Bella the momentum and the victory via a submission hold that will leave the social media stratosphere chirping about for a long time to come. These two definitely deserve a rematch replete with all the hype.

Main Event: La Scorpia vs. Vulcana: Imposter

For the main-event, Lucha Libre becomes Lucha Lingerie, when La Scorpia [0-0] takes on Vulcana [0-0] in a battle of teacher vs. student. The teacher, La Scorpia, finds herself pitted against an ambitious student, Vulcana, who wants to show she has mastered all the lessons and knows more than the professor. Both fighters are wearing masks and matching pink outfits. With the nonstop pace and in-close fighting, it is easy to confuse one for the other. Submission holds are plenty as are the throws. It really was a frenetic free for all that showed off how diverse the LFC really is. In the end, it was the teacher who took home the vacant Booty Camp title. However, the student left the ring ranting about having wrestled an imposter. When La Scorpia is finally unmasked, we learn it is Jenny Valentine, filling in for the real La Scorpia. There is talk of denying her the title, but after some serious discussion, Jenny gets to leave with the Booty Camp Chain. Well done Jenny! You were incredible as a Luchadora!

And that’s a wrap on another successful event! LFC35 [0-0] was a blast and introduced some amazing prospects who we expect big things from going forward. Don’t miss the replay!
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