At the Lingerie Fighting Championships, we’re always aiming to provide the female fight community with resources to raise public awareness and social acceptance of our great sport. That’s why we’re introducing #LFCNation, a WMMA community where fans can directly support their favorite fighters.

We love women’s mixed martial arts for the competitive purity, skill, courage, action and, of course, sex appeal. However, those things come at a cost, and it’s a cost most fighters aren’t recouping. Why take the risks a fighter does and forgo common benefits from a 9-5 like a retirement plan, job security, and year-round health benefits? You’ve seen the health conditions that some of these fighters have experienced. Fighters are putting their bodies through a lot of damage in the name of entertainment. Unless you’re at the very top and making a lot of money, you’re still not making anywhere near the average salary in the US. The average MMA fighter makes less than $8,000 a year, the NBA’s minimum salary was $525,093 in 2015; rookies in the NFL made $435,000 and $507,500 in Major League Baseball!

Let’s face it, without the fighters we as fans will not be watching our favorite sport. Most of the LFC’s fighters have full-time jobs and some even have families. And it’s hard for them to put money aside to pay for gym time, travel expenses, medical, nutrition, just to name a few. If the fighters can get more money, they can make sure they’re eating right, make sure they’re getting the proper medical attention, and make sure they’re training right with the right training partners. So, in the end, us as fans will be getting a better product and a better fighter overall.

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Established in 2012, our team have strived to constantly improve the quality of our brand. It cost a lot of money to run the LFC, from video production, to web development, to content hosting & maintenance, to programmers, to marketing and so on. We just don’t have the budget of the UFC or WWE, so now we’re calling on you, the fans to help take the LFC and its fighters mainstream.

We are asking for your help by joining #LFCNation – a community of WMMA fans coming together to help strong female fighters achieve their goals. One way you can help a fighter get sponsored is by spreading the word and sharing this article with your peers, that’s it! Thank you for your continued support and lets all join #LFCNation so that our message can reach a wider audience!

Sponsoring a Fighter

If you’re in a position to support directly, then you can do so for as low as only $5 a month. We have so many ideas to make the LFC better right now, and even bigger plans for the future. So hop on board and let us take you for a wild ride!

Where will my contributions go?

  • 50% Directly to the fighter to help with: training, fight gear, medical expenses, nutrition, travel, hotel, and of course, manicures & pedicures!
  • 25% Video production, promotion and marketing of the fighter
  • 20% Website hosting, maintenance, development, and social media marketing
  • 5% Charities that will benefit Women and Girls

Charities we’re Proudly Supporting that Benefit Women And Girls

Ready to get started? Click here to view the LFC roster!