Even among a roster of high energy women and diva-like personas, Teri London [0-0] manages to shine as bright as any of them. Her background as a dancer only adds to her talent as an MMA fighter. With a base in Muay Thai and a lifetime of dancing, Teri has built up an impressive physical stamina and attributes dancing to her creative moves in the cage. Her ‘must-see-to-believe’ entrances is a direct result of her past as a dancer and choreographer.

Not just an entertainer, Teri enters the cage ready to fight and has submission wins over some of the best fighters in the league. ‘Feisty Fists’ has bested the always aggressive Lauren Fogle [0-0] and the powerful Jenny Valentine [0-0], making those noteworthy victories look easy. In spite of injuries and fight cancellations, Teri perseveres and bravely holds on to her unique space in the LFC, now adding referee to her resume.

At LFC30 [0-0], Teri found herself without an opponent, but that did not keep her out of the spotlight. She graciously and excitedly entered the cage as the first female referee in the LFC. Teri was kind enough to answer questions on a variety of topics. Here is Teri ‘Feisty Fists’ London:

A.C.: There’ve been two fight cancellations with Jenn Repp [0-0]. It seemed that she came into the league with some momentum, but have since fell off. Do you think you will ever get into the cage with her?

TL: Yes, I do, if she isn’t scared.

A.C.: AS a result, you ended up reffing at LFC30, how did that deal fall into place?

TL: Jenn cancelled and it was too late to find another fighter; we didn’t have a ref, so boom, I became one ;)

A.C.: You appeared very comfortable in being in charge. You were tough when you had to be, and impartial throughout. What was going through your head at the time?

TL: My mind had so many things going on since I didn’t know the actual rules, and no one told me, haha, so I made some up, haha! I just didn’t want any of the girls to get hurt on my clock, so I was really watching them closely, but I really just wanted to get in and fight ;).

A.C.: Did seeing the fighters close-up give you an advantage or insight for future matches against any of them?

TL: Yes! Totally! I see how some girls fight now and saw their go to moves haha!!!

A.C.: You are 1-1 against Lauren Fogle, and fans are still waiting for a third fight to complete the rubber-match. Is that something you want?

TL: Heck ya!!! I’ll take her on or anyone ;-)

A.C.: Your name is often mentioned when new fighters talk about needing and getting advice with regards to wardrobe and entrances. Is that something you’re proud of?

TL: Yes:-)!! I actually love costumes and helping people on whatever team. I enjoy it, honestly:)

A.C.: Aside from your injured entrance at LFC26 [0-0], you looked like you were having fun showing your moves — even as a ref. What motivates you to put on a memorable show for the fans?

TL: The music feeds my soul!!! Whatever music is on makes my body move! I can’t help it …music is my life:)

A.C.: There are definitely unresolved issues for you in the LFC — Repp and Fogle just to name a few — and there are new fighters trying to make a name for themselves. Is there a clear path to the belt, or are there just too many options at this point to pick just one?

TL: I just love to fight ! I’m a lover and a fighter :-)!! No set path…just looking forward to my next fight :-)!!!

A.C.: Any words for your fans?

TL: Thank you for loving me, following me and believing in me !! Please go out and do what you want to do, don’t wait! Go for all your dreams!! Don’t let fear hold you back! Love yourself and believe…cuz I love y’all!!!

A.C.: Thank you, Teri.

TL: Thank you :-)!!!!