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Rated: R
Duration: 21:44
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

The high-energy Lauren Fogle [0-0] kicks off this episode by bringing her own car to the shoot: a Chevy Camaro with pink racing stripes. She is as enthusiastic as ever for her turn as a calendar girl, knowing that her many fans look forward to seeing her stunning beauty throughout the year. Interestingly, Lauren and the photographer — Scott Berry — once dated, but they are way too professional to let that affect the shoot. Lauren, dressed in a very revealing outfit, is more than willing to make it a memorable shoot.

Agatha Carter [0-0], owning the dark side of October, decides to pose with a spooky looking hearse as her auto of choice. Filling in as a lifeless prop in a casket is Holly Mei [0-0]. Together, these two create images that fans of the calendar will never forget, conveying beauty in something as disturbing as death. Agatha is clearly energized by having the Prez in such circumstances. Adding a dramatic twist is the fact that Carter and the photographer do not get along so well. Hey, just another day in the LFC!