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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 22:54
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Jessie starts the fight by appearing to want to give Shay props, but betrays her by taking advantage of Shay’s naiveté and throws her to the floor with a cheap takedown. Jessie claims she thought Shay was going to betray her first so she went for it, but no one buys it. Joel and Maxine say such disrespect for your opponent could get the audience to hate you and won’t win any fans. Leon says Shay shouldn’t have fallen for it, since it happens so often at the LFC. Holly calls Jessie a bully. After being picked up and tossed around, Shay says it’s proof the LFC needs proper weight classes. The audience boos Jessie’s behavior, and she replies to them with a lewd gesture.

Jolene gives an intro which she describes as “assier” than normal, Joel and Leon both enjoyed it. But what gets everyone else’s attention is Jolene is now blonde, as they all miss her red hair. C.J.’s gives a much more plain intro, that Joel describes as business-like, as if she was going to the stock exchange, and Jolene describes her lingerie as too “basic”. Jolene starts the match with some trash talk, and Joel has some trouble getting C.J.’s name right. Both girls however, ignored the advise of their coaches. C.J. gets pinned in an arm bar, and taps out. Everyone says she tapped out much too quickly, and learning that C.J.’s elbow popped garners her no sympathy from anyone. Then everyone gets vocal about Joel’s inadequacy as a coach.