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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 24:24
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Monica was first excited about her fight with Roxy, but wanted to learn more about her. Roxy doesn’t like over-the-top sexy intros with twerking or shoving her ass out, she’s there to win. Joel and Leon complain about Roxy not dressing sexy enough and suggest the higher-ups may have forced her to wear something a little more sexy this time. Monica’s belt immediately dropped off her, being the only kid-friendly wardrobe malfunction the show has had, countered moments later when a man from the audience comes up to grope her and is promptly escorted off the stage by one of the ring girls. It turns out he does this for his website. Everyone was thrown off by the fact that he had been sitting with the Commissioner, and thought they were together. Roxy wasn’t sure Monica would be able to stay in her bra, and decided to test her strengths. But it didn’t go in her favor, and people were very surprised she didn’t tap out before escaping.

Monica started working the crowd, which Maxine and Holly felt was a waste of energy during a fight with 2 more rounds to go. For round 2, Roxy kept her distance which seemed to annoy Monica. Then Roxy struck, throwing Monica to the ground and locking her in place till the bell rung. Joel, Holly and Leon were noticing how tired Monica was at this point. With both fighters being on top for one round a piece, the third round was up in the air. And so was Roxy, when she jumped up and did a move that Jolene felt was right out of Kill Bill, but you’d probably recognize from Black Widow, and scissor kick takedown, which really impressed the crowd, other fighters, coaches, announcers, and judges alike. Which seemed to push her ahead enough to get her the victory, and the championship belt for the pink team.