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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 23:02
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Jolene Hexx [0-0] gets to be march in the calendar since she’s Irish, but has dyed her hair blonde much to the chagrin of everyone who liked her red hair. She is looking for any excuse to be with Holly Mei [0-0], and brings her along on her photo shoot to be her assistant, which mostly involves strategically placing green coins to cover her goodies. However anytime she breaths or moves, they fall off. So they resort to eyelash glue to attach them, which does not turn out well for Jolene in the end when she has to remove them. Then a random dog appears and everyone cuddles with it.

Piper Rose [0-0] wasn’t expecting Maxine Frost [0-0] to be nice, and sadly she wasn’t. From the start, Maxine was overly critical of her makeup and was still upset over an earlier loss in the ring. Maxine knows she’s been accused of treating her team better than the other, but says she was being nicer to Danielle St. Pierre [0-0] because they’ve been friends for a long time. Piper is glad to get some help with her large breasts, which she usually just ties down with a bra. Maxine likes to control every situation she’s a part of, and is annoyed that Piper’s shoot is going well and of how attractive she looks. But was more than happy to pour water on her for the April Showers theme. Piper is asked who she’s doing the shoot for, and many other personal questions that make her feel awkward. She says she prefers fighting to this. Then a random cat appears and everyone cuddles with it.